Level 8: BOLIVIA - The Looking Glass

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In the cut scene, Lara returns to the place, where she first met Rutland in Bolivia. He, Amanda and two guards are waiting on the other side. Lara asks Zip and Alister not to distract her from now on, because she needs a clear head for what will follow. They wish her luck... Lara grabs the rope and slides close to Rutland and Amanda. Lara pulls the sword out and warns them that if they go between her and the stone, they will die. Amanda asks her to stop, because she does not want anything bad to happen, but it will if Lara goes closer. Lara uses the sword and throws them back. Rutland orders his men to kill her.

You just returned to Bolivia. Lara has to learn what these artifacts can do, but Amanda wants to activate the stone dais as well. She maybe knows the its purpose... or maybe not.

[Checkpoint] Pull the sword out. You do not have to be very close to the guards. With a single use the green light will kill them. There are quite many of them, so keep an eye on your health bar. Try to pick up the Health Packs they drop and make sure that you have enough health and three Health Packs with you for the battle that follows. Once they are all dead, a cut scene will play.

In the cut scene, Rutland tries to stand on his feet but he is wounded badly. Amanda tries to help him, but he falls dead. Lara apologizes and walks to the center of the arena, where the stone is. Amanda asks her to stay away from it, but this is what Lara came for. Amanda then stands on her feet and removes the artifact from her neck. It is obvious that she has bad motives and Lara tells her that they can both do that. Amanda says that this works once and she wants to be the one. She then uses the artifact and transforms into a huge monster.

Fighting Amanda - [Checkpoint] Do not be afraid by her size! Pull the sword out, because you need to fight Amanda with it. The deal is to stun her four times. Every time this happens, you have to approach Amanda and press the Interact button (as the game shows) for the final stab. You may have found your own strategy, but here is one:

First, you may want to change the Combat Mode to Advanced Toggle. This way, Lara will aim at Amanda no matter what. Do not stay away from her. Keep attacking with the sword and try to stay beneath her. Pressing just the Up and Shoot buttons are enough. It does not matter if Amanda is moving around. The Up button will make you move and the Advanced Toggle will make you follow her and stay close to her. There will be times that her harmful bolts will get you, but in general it is more effective to stay beneath her than running away from her.

Alternative method - In Hard mode is probably difficult to follow the above method, because Amanda's bolts (that hit you when you stay beneath her) take a lot of your health. You have to find a "safe" spot and shoot Amanda from there, which is easier than running around. One of them is to stay behind a pillar. Not all pillars can do the job, but the one as shown in this screenshot may help. There are four of them, but choose the one that provides a wide area behind it (the one on the left, for example, as soon as the battle begins). If one of Amanda's bolts pushes you back, you will not fall into the chasm. The pillar will soon break by either your bolts or Amanda's. Stay behind the broken pillar, having Amanda opposite you, and shoot her from there. Amanda will most probably try and get you, so when you see her approaching, move to the other side. This screenshot shows Amanda going to the right (as you face her). You have to move to the left and around the broken pillar and try to stay opposite her. Keep shooting all the time.

You may want to enable Advanced Toggle. That way, Lara will always aim at Amanda and you will only have to move Lara around the pillar, and backwards\ forwards if necessary. There are also some already broken pillars, but do not choose to stay behind those (if it is possible), because you may get stuck on the lamps as you move around. If Amanda drops down just behind the pillar, go and stab her. If her health is low, but she is in the middle of the arena (close to the stone), you have to reveal yourself and give the final shots as you approach her. Otherwise, you will not have time to reach her before she awakes. And if you have Advanced Toggle enabled, you may want to holster the sword before going to Amanda, or Lara will probably act strangely and run around herself.

When you succeed, Amanda transforms back to her original appearance, laying on the ground unconscious. Lara picks up Amanda's artifact and feels sorry for what happened. She then pulls out the sword and places it in the stone. She uses a book as a guide, activates the pillars around and uses the sword like a lever. A big metal circle rises up, which is the same she saw when her mother died. She hears some voices from the green light. It is her mother talking, asking Lara to get back. It is what Lara lived in the past when she was young. It is the same moment, when the green light took her mother. Lara thinks that her mother talks to her, so she starts calling her. The moment where her mother is about to touch the sword is coming and Lara (the real her) shouts "Don't touch the sword", hoping that her mother will hear her.

Amanda wakes up and asks Lara to take out the sword. Lara still talks to her mother. She asks her to listen to her. Amanda tells her that it will explode, unless Lara pulls out the sword. Lara sees her mother through the green light touching the sword. Lara screams "Noooo!!!", hoping again that her mother will listen to her. The circle is about to explode, but Lara makes a swan dive and escapes.

The sword falls in front of Lara and Amanda tells Lara that she ruined everything. Lara gets mad!! She tells Amanda that all these years she blamed herself (lara) for her mother's death, but it was Amanda who killed her. Lara points the gun to her and Amanda says that Lara's mother is not dead and she went where Amanda was supposed to go and where Lara could have gone. Lara is really mad at Amanda and asks her to explain what she means or she will execute her. Amanda only tells her that pulling the sword out was the important thing. Lara shoots in the air and asks Amanda where her mother is. Amanda says she is in Avalon, which is not a myth. Lara points her gun to Amanda's forehead, but she finally does not kill her. She hits her with the gun though and Amanda falls unconscious. From this moment, Amanda's every breath is a gift from Lara.

Alister talks to Lara. She tells him that for years his father believed that her mother was alive and it was what kept him going. She then tells Alister to go to the British museum immediatelly, while she takes the sword from the ground. She then asks Zip to call Professor Eddigton and arrange a meeting. Zip asks what he should tell him. Lara says that her father was right about everything and there may still be time to do something about it. She grabs the rope she came from and traverses back.

The end


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