Level 8: Arctic Sea | Part 2: Out Of Time

Climbing to the L-shaped platform with the two low walls (even upwards)

Return back to the metal ring. Do not use it. Just take a look on the left to spot two white handholds on the wall. Jump to grab the first one, then the second handhold.

Traverse around the three corners to the left to grab the handhold at the back of the wall. Jump to grab the next handhold on the left.

Jump up to grab the handhold above. Traverse to the left and around the corner. Pull up.

Climb on the next ledge, then on the L-shaped platform with the two low walls.

Approach the space between the two low walls.

At this point, a situational adrenaline begins. Natla flies from above and throws a fireball at you. For the last time, jump away to avoid it.

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