Level 8: Arctic Sea | Part 2: Out Of Time

Climbing up the device in order to pull the second metal ring

Walk up to the edge between the two low walls. When a platform passes in front of you, jump to it. Make sure you jump to the one that is closest to you!

Facing the device, wait for a platform from the inner ones to approach and jump to it.

Now wait until the platform you are standing on circles around and passes beneath a series of handholds. When it does so, jump to grab the first set.

Climb up them. Jump straight up to grab the lowest of the second set of handholds and traverse to the left. Climb to the topmost handhold of the set and traverse to the right and around the corner.

Jump up to grab the handhold that seems to be broken.

Climb to the next handhold above. Traverse to the left around the corner and climb up the last three handholds. Jump up to grab the handhold that goes around the device. Traverse to the right...

... until you see the second angled support below you. Release to land onto it.

You will start sliding down and end up in front of the second metal ring.


Use the Grapple to catch it and pull it to loose the support free.

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