Tomb Raider 8: Underworld Walkthrough & Game Guide for PS2

Level 2: Mediterranean Sea | Part 3: The Norse Connection

Treasures: 3/8
Secondary weapon: Sticky Grenades

[Checkpoint] The gate here opens when both pressure plates are compressed. Since Lara can step on one of them, you have to find something to place on the other.

Opening the gate - Approach the pillar in the far right corner.

The brief cut scene shows the opening you have to reach.

Stand in the space between the pillar and the wall with the opening. You have to perform the Chimney Jump and here is how you can do it: Jump towards the wall and once Lara connects with it, press Jump again to leap off the wall. Keep tapping the Jump button to bounce upwards until you land in the opening (as shown in this image). Hang from the edge at the other side and drop into the next room.

Notice the two small blocks. Pick up the first one and step on the pressure plate. When the stone door opens, turn to face the doorway and press the Grenade key to throw the block through the door. Do the same thing for the second block and return back to the first room.

Pick up one of the blocks and step on one of the two pressure plates. Press the Crouch button to set it down. Do the same thing with the second block, placing it on the same pressure plate. Their weight is enough to keep the plate down and remove the first lock of the gate.

Now stand between the two plates, facing the gate, and use the Grapple to catch the metal ring on the gate. With the cable still connected to the ring, move to the side and step on the other pressure plate (as shown in this image). Lara's weight is enough to keep the plate down and remove the second lock of the gate. Press the Interact button to pull it down.

Go through the doorway and approach the pedestal with the Left Gauntlet. Press the Interact buton to trigger the next cut scene.

In the cut scene, the gauntlet turns into dust when Lara touches it and a small artifact casting blue light remains. As Lara takes it and places it on her left hand, the stone projects a halo with the shape of a gauntlet around it. While she understands the connection between this place and the legend of Thor, Lara still does not see why her father thought that this place was related to Avalon. Unfortunately, she does not have time to investigate, because a squad of mercenaries are standing behind, aiming at her. At the command of their leader, Lara puts her hands on her head and turns around. Before she even understands that neither weapons nor bribery will help, she is knocked out. When she recovers, she realises that she does not have the artifact nor ammo for her guns. Before blowing up the way out, the last mercenary tells her that Amanda Evert sends her regards.

[Checkpoint] Approach Thor's statue and pick up the Treasure (6/8) from the left. Then return back to the previous room.

Going back - The entrance is now blocked by the rocks, so enter the room on the right (the door to this room was closed before). Climb on the stone block then into the opening above. Go to the end of the tunnel to reach the hallway beyond. Turn right and follow the hallway until you reach some fallen rocks. Roll through the opening at the bottom and continue through the hallway.

Room with vertical poles - Go through the opening to reach a room with vertical poles. Jump to grab the first pole on the right (if the entrance is to your back) and climb to the top. Jump to reach the broken one hanging from the ceiling and again climb to the top. Turn around and jump to the ledge above the entrance. Pick up the Treasure (7/8) and jump back to grab the same pole. Climb to the top and jump to grab the next pole hanging from the ceiling. To make sure you reach this pole, press and hold the Jump button to make Lara jump farther. Jump to perch on top of the next two pillars and finally jump to the ledge in front of the exit.

Follow the hallway to the end. Roll through the opening at the bottom of the fallen rocks and when you stand up, pick up the Treasure (8/8) from the left. Roll through the opening at the bottom of the next fallen rocks and follow the hallway to the end. Jump into the water and dive down. Then swim through the tunnel.

In the cut scene, Lara climbs on the boat and spots a ship. It is quite far away, so she uses her camera to zoom in. As she scouts the ship, she spots a couple of mercenaries. The situation probably seems challenging, since Lara drives there.


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