Tomb Raider 8: Underworld Walkthrough & Game Guide for PS2

Level 2: Mediterranean Sea | Part 4: God Of Thunder

Treasures: 0/8
Secondary weapon: Sticky Grenades

[Checkpoint] Deck with stacked containres - Go down the stairs to reach the deck with the containers. Two mercenaries are hiding behind the containers, so kill them both. If you explore the area around, you will encounter three more mercenaries, so if you want to avoid them, just get inside the ship. So, once you go down the stairs, keep going forward having the container area to your left. When you reach the end, turn left (the containers should be still on your left) and head forward. Go up the stairs and enter the ship through the doorway.

[Checkpoint] Inside the ship - Go down the stairs and follow the hallway around to the left. Kill the mercenary at the end of the hallway and go through the doorway on the right.

In the cut scene, the squad leader appears and shoots at Lara who hides behind a metallic structure. When she looks up, Lara realises that it is not an electric box but a gas pipe and that the gas is already leaking. Lara flees and the squad leader is on her heels but the tank explodes an instant later, killing the mercenary instantly.

Continue forward and go up the stairs on the left (there is nothing on the right).

The cut scene shows Lara sneaking into a room. Upstairs, Amanda Evert is holding the gauntlet from the underwater temple. Amanda complains that the glove is too small for her hand, and a second, feminine voice answers that only Lara can use it now. Amanda notices that the boat is sinking and leaves with a frustration sigh.

Lara enters the room. She sees a winged silhouette from the back, inside a glass container. The creature says she is pleased to see Lara and turns around. It is Jacqueline Natla, the well-known Atlantean queen. Lara now knows that it was Natla who told Amanda about the Avalon. The time is short, so Lara has to choose her questions carefully. When Lara asks her how the Norse mythology is connected to Avalon, Natla answers that the Dais found by Lara and her mother (as shown in Tomb Raider Legend), are part of a kind of network. According to Natla, Lara’s father was not looking at the right place for his missing wife: Lady Croft was in Hellheim, the Norse version of Avalon. The time is ticking; the locks holding Natla’s container are released, and Natla just has enough time to tell Lara that she will need Thor’s Hammer to be able to enter Hellheim and that the key to find that artifact is in Coastal Thailand. The container starts to elevate, taken away by a helicopter.

[Checkpoint] Now you have to find the way out before the boat sinks. You do not have to rush though, as the boat will not sink while you are still inside.

Proceed forward. The ground is shaking and the ship is slowly turning upside down. Continue through the hallway and turn around the next two corners. Notice the barrels at the other side and get ready for a situational adrenaline. Run up the corridor, sticking to the right hand wall. As the barrels roll down, time slows and you have to avoid the danger. So, just before the barrels reach you, jump to the right to avoid them.

The ground shakes and turns again. Follow the passage until what seems to be a dead-end.

Climbing up the first wall - Jump to grab the handhold of the grating on the left. Start climbing up until you reach the top. Jump to grab one of the four small handholds on the right and climb up to grab the green pipe. Traverse to the right around the two corners and jump up three times to grab the edge of the opening. Pull up. [Checkpoint]

Climbing up the second wall - Continue to the other side of the hallway and jump to grab the lowest of the two small handholds. Climb to the upper one and traverse to the metal ledge on the right. Jump to grab the handhold above and traverse around the two corners Jump up twice to grab the topmost green pipe and traverse to the right until you reach the white ledge. Pull up and climb up the small handholds ahead. Climb to the upper one and traverse to the right. Jump up to grab the next small handholds, then the longer handhold above. Shimmy right and jump up to grab the next handhold. Climb to the top and traverse around the corner on the right. Pull up into the opening.

The cut scene shows the sinking cargo. Lara opens the door and stands on it while Amanda escapes, holding a rope hanging from a helicopter. Lara shoots at her several times and one of the bullets harms Amanda’s cheek. Scared, Amanda throws the gauntlet away, into the Mediterranean Sea. Holstering her gun, Lara performs a swan dive and catches the artifact. While the helicopter flies away, Lara surfaces and steps on her yacht.


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