Tomb Raider 8: Underworld Walkthrough & Game Guide for PS2

Level 3: Coastal Thailand | Part 3: Puppet No Longer

Treasures: 0/4
Secondary weapon: Submachine Guns plus Sticky Grenades

[Checkpoint] Follow the hallway around to the right to reach a small room and approach the stone door on the right.

In the cut scene, Lara approaches the stone door and something in her backpack starts to glow. She takes the gauntlet out, puts it on her hand and places her hand on the door. The engravings on the door start glowing as well, and she realises that she can move the entire stone door by herself. Lara assumes that it was the source of Thor's godlike strength.

[Checkpoint] After the cut scene, stand next to the door and press the Interact button to grab onto it. Slide the door to the side and go through it. Proceed into the next room and cross the walkway.

The next cut scene shows Norse remnants underneath the Shiva temple. Nothing remains on the pedestal. The gauntlet, which was supposedly there, is gone. Looking at the walls, Lara notices an ancient engraved map that has been recently destroyed. According to the runes, the map was leading to Thor’s belt and hammer. Turning around, Lara inches closer to the pedestal and makes a rather peculiar discovery: the initials "RJC" have been carved into the stone, along with information about the gaunlet. "RJC" stands for Richard James Croft, Lara’s father, but he never used his middle name to avoid confusion with his own father. With this clue, Lara understands where her father hid the gauntlet. She decides to head back home.

[Checkpoint] Room with Thor's statue and central structure - The circular platform you are stating on and the walkway you crossed before is an entire wall mechanism that can be rotated. The goal here is to rotate the wall (and the walkway) towards the opening opposite the entrance which is the exit.

Aligning the walkway with the exit - (The entire process is shown in this page.) Hang from the edge of the circular platform. Release many times to grab the handholds below until you reach the circular ledge. Grab the panel in front you and move to the right as much as you can. That way, you move the panel and the entire wall.

Go left and jump over the gap. Go around the ledge until you reach the end. Jump to grab the horizontal pole, swing and jump to grab the next one. Again, swing and jump to grab the third pole, then jump to the walkway ahead.

Turn right, grab the wall and start pulling it. Keep pulling until you pass the third pillar on the left. Stop somewhere between the third and fourth pillar. That way, you will leave some space for Lara to go around the wall and reach the other side (behind the wall). Do that, grab the wall and push it to the end (until Lara stops).

Turn left and jump to grab the horizontal pole. Swing and jump to grab the next one. Again, swing and jump to grab the third pole, then jump to the walkway ahead. Go to the left and jump over the gap. Grap the panel again and move to the right as much as you can.

The brief cut scene shows that the walkway has been aligned with the exit.

[Checkpoint] Exiting the room with Thor's statue - Climb up the panel and cross the walkway. Grab onto the door and slide it open. Then go through it.

Room with pool and underwater tunnel - Enter the room and approach the edge of the ledge. If you accidentaly fall into the water, you will find a low ledge you can climb on and come back here. Use the Grapple to catch the metal ring above. Jump off the ledge and swing to the opposite side. Go left and jump to grab the crevice in the rock. Then jump up to grab the top of the rock. Jump to grab the horizontal pole on the left, but do not release it yet. Lara's weight lowers the pole and operates a mechanism that opens the exit door. When this happens, drop into the water and swim through the exit.

Swim through the underwater tunnel. Halfway through, you will be able to see an air pocket above, but you will probably not need it. Keep swimming to end the level.

The last cut scene of the level shows Lara stepping back onto her boat. Contacting Zip and Alister, she tells them that she did not find the gauntlet, and that her father destroyed the map, which makes Alister smile. Lara explains to her friends that she knows where her father hid the gauntlet, and that it is right under their nose.


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