Tomb Raider 8: Underworld Walkthrough & Game Guide for PS2

Level 4: Croft Manor | Protected By The Dead

Treasures: 6/6
Secondary weapon: Shotgun plus Sticky Grenades

The cut scene shows Lara back at the Manor. She finds Zip, Alister and Winston in the tech room. The latter opens a secret wall panel that leads to a crypt. Lara grabs two flashlights and she throws the one to Zip. They all go down the stairs and when they reach the basement, Lara approaches her grandfather's tomb. As she examines the grave, she finds a switch. She uses it and the tomb slides to the side revealing an opening in the floor.

[Checkpoint] Underground tunnel - The level begins in a tunnel. Run forward to reach an opening. Drop to the ledge below and jump to the next one ahead. Drop to the ground and go left. Climb on the grey ledge, then into the next tunnel. Follow it as it goes and crouch into the low opening. At the end, hang from the edge and drop down. Turn around and continue through the next tunnel.

The brief cut scene shows where you need to go.

Jump over the chasm. [Checkpoint] Enter the passage with the wooden supports and run forward, jumping over the wooden beam. Climb into the opening above and continue through the passage, rolling under the low opening. Keep going until you exit to a wooden platform.

Another brief cut scene shows where you have to go.

Turn around the face the way you came and look for a Treasure (1/6) on the left (as shown in this image).

Making your way to the opposite wooden platform - (This page shows the entire process.) Approach the edge of the platform and hang from the right side. Traverse to the right if necessary and release twice to grab the lowest plank below. Traverse to the right and jump to the right across the chasm to grab the plank on the other structure that supports the platform you are headed to. Traverse to the right around the corner and jump up to grab the plank above. Shimmy right around the corner and climb on the next plank above. Finally, climb on the platform. Be careful not to fall through the opening in the platform. Carefully turn left and enter the passage with the wooden supports on the left. [Checkpoint]

Cave with three square pillars - Follow the passage to reach a cave with three square pillars. The exit is high above, opposite the entrance, and here is how you can reach it:

Turn to face the way you came and enter the passage you passed through just before. You will see a fork that you may missed while coming. The left way is from where you came, so enter the passage on the right. Follow it as it goes all the way around to the right and go up the ramp to reach a ledge that overlooks the room.

Walk up to the edge and jump on top of the pillar on the left. Step on the beam and walk to the other side, eventually reaching the second pillar. Move forward to the other edge of the pillar. You can see two rectangular openings in the wall ahead; one above the other. Jump towards them and Lara will grab the upper one. Move upwards and to the right to grab the next opening in the wall.

If you are not interested in getting the next Treasure, climb to the ledge above and go through the exit (skip to the part of the walkthrough Through the exit). Otherwise, continue with the walkthrough.

(This image shows the following climbing.) Still hanging from the opening beneath the exit, traverse to the next opening on the right. There are two more openings below to the right; again, the one above the other. To safely reach the lowest one, first climb on the ledge above, but do not pull up. Traverse to the right as much as you can and release to grab the lowest opening. Traverse to the middle of it and jump back to grab the pillar behind. Pull up and walk to the front left corner. Jump to grab the edge of the alcove and pull up. Pick up the Treasure (2/6).

[Alternative method (shortcut) to reach the Treasure - If you accidentally fall down during the process and you do not want to do the entire climbing again, here a shortcut you can take. Approach the third pillar (the one close to the Treasure) and jump on the nearby rocks. Stand on the highest point and jump to grab the top of the pillar. Pull up and turn around to face the alcove with the Treasure. See this image for clarification.]

After getting the Treasure, turn around and walk up to the edge of the alcove. Jump back to the pillar and then jump towards the openings in the wall. Lara will grab the upper one, so climb upwards and to the left to reach the next opening. From there, climb on the ledge above.

Through the exit - Go through the opening with the lit candles in the wall. Go either way and follow the tunnel with the wooden supports. It is quite long, so keep going. Eventually, you will reach an opening.

Room with scaffoldings - Drop to the wooden platform below. [Checkpoint] Drop once more to the next platform and turn left. Jump to the beam and move to the right around the corner. If you hang from the beam, you will traverse much quicker. Jump to grab the ledge, pull up and pick up the Treasure (3/6). (This image shows the process.)

Walk back to the edge of the ledge. If you attempt to jump to the short beam ahead , Lara will surpass it and fall down. Instead, jump to the long beam on the left (the one that is close to the scaffolding). Drop to the beam below, then to the floor.

Turn having the entrance to your back and head up the stairs at the far left. Go through the doorway and follow the hallway around to the right. Jump over the broken pillar and continue through the hallway. Just before reaching the next room (named Room with stained-glass windows below), you will see an opening with stairs that lead up on the left. Go there first.

Left hand balcony - Go up the stairs, then the next ones to reach a balcony. [Checkpoint] Jump to grab the horizontal pole on the right and climb on it. Jump up to grab the handhold on the wall and climb into the alcove. Pick up the Treasure (4/6) and drop back down.

Notice the stained-glass window close to the entrance of the balcony. There is one more at the opposite side, cloose to the other balcony. Each one represents an angel. The goal here is to illuminate only the angel figure and leave the rest of the window dark.

Go to the other side of the balcony where you will find a mechanism. Grab the handle and rotate it clockwise 180 degrees. As you rotate the handle, the first two metal panels at the top of the structure in the main room rotate as well. The light from the opening at the back of the room falls on the panels and only a small part of the light hits on the window, making the angel figure to illuminate.

Room with stained-glass windows - Return back and go down the stairs. When you reach the hallway, turn lefta nd enter the room with the two stained-glass windows. Do not anything here yet. Instead, cross the room to the other side and go through the opening.

Right hand balcony - Go through the opening on the left and up the stairs to reach the other balcony. Jump to grab the horizontal pole on the left and climb on it. Jump to grab the handhold above and climb into the alcove. Pick up the Treasure (5/6) and drop back down.

Go to the other side of the balcony and grab the handle of the mechanism. Rotate it something more than 90 degrees. Same as before, the other two metal panels at the top of the structure will rotate, allowing a small part of the light to hit on the window, making the angel figure to illuminate.

When both mechanisms are rotated correctly, a brief cut scene will show another, bigger mechanism in the room below.

[Checkpoint] Room with stained-glass windows (again) - Make your way back to the main room below. Grab one of the two handles of the big mechanism and rotate it 180 degrees anti-clockwise to open the door above.

Go to the back of the room where you will find a tall pillar with handholds on both sides. It does not matter which ones you climb, but if you go for the right hand ones (as you face the pillar), you will not have to traverse around the corners at the top. Once you reach the top of the pillar, turn to face the exit door. Use the Grapple to catch the metal ring above and jump off the pillar. Swing and jump to the ledge in front of the exit. Go through it.

Follow the hallway to the end. Pull the lever to open the stone door and go through it. The next hallway takes you to some stairs that you have to go up in order to reach the next room.

In the cut scene, Lara approaches a table in the middle of the room. She finds the other gauntlet and a tape recorder. She presses the Play button and she hears her father's voice. He tells her that this room contains everything the recovered from Bhogavati. Among other things, he and his team brought some "thralls" that were protecting the gauntlet. Lara discovers at the same time that the cages are broken. The thralls were also protecting a map showing where the rest of Thor's treasures were hidden. All these are necessary to open the way to Avalon. The gauntlet is here, however Lara's father destroyed the original map and left a copy. As before, the gauntlet turns into dust when Lara touches it and a small artifact casting blue light remains. Lara takes it and places it on her right hand.

[Checkpoint] Room where you got the gauntlet - After the cut scene, two thralls climb down from a ledge. Quickly equip the Shotgun and start shooting. If you shoot each thrall from a close range, two bullets will do the job. If you run away, be careful of the deep pit. This is a long drop down that will kill Lara.

When the thralls fall down, stand close to them and press the Interact button. Lara will jump on their body and smash their bones. If you do not do that, the thralls will revive and you will have to start over.

Turn to face the entrance and approach the second set of boxes where you will find the last Treasure (6/6). (This image shows the location.)

Exiting the room - (The following sequence is shown in this page.) Approach the pillar with the flat ledge at the top. The gauntlet "tells" you that the pillar is movable, so push it around the circular platform with the desk and position it next to the broken column with the crevice at the top. Climb on the column's narrow ledge and jump to grab the flat ledge of the movable pillar. Pull up and jump to grab the crevice in the column, then climb to top of the broken column.

Turn left. Jump on the beam of the next pillar and hang from it. Traverse to the right and around the pillar. Pull up on the second beam and jump to grab the handhold of the column that is hanging from the ceiling. Traverse to the right and jump back to land on the ledge in front of the exit.

The cut scene shows Lara going through the opening. The gauntlet drains like it did the previous time.

Run forward and go through the opening in the wall on the left.

In the cut scene, an explosion occurs and Lara seems surprised.

Does this look familiar? This is how the game began. If you wondered what had happened the day when the Manor exploded, it is time to find out. The next part is identical to the Prologue, so refer to that walkthrough if you have problems. Once you swing across to the second balcony and drop to the main hall, the story unfolds in details.

The cutscene shows Winston and Zip trying to get out from the main door. The latter points his gun towards Lara and shoots her. Lara evades and Winston tries to stop him, but Zip is determined that Lara must die. She screams "Wait!" and hides behind a column. When Zip needs to reload, Lara bursts in and tells him to drop his gun. Zip tells Lara that she - or someone who looked like her - got into the vault using the retina scanner and stole Amanda's Wraith Stone (Lara got it from Amanda in Tomb Raider: Legend). Lara asks where Alister is but neither of the men knows. Lara tells Zip and Winston to get out of the house before the roof collapses and decides to go have a look at the security logs.

[Checkpoint] After the cut scene, turn left and approach the fireplace. Jump to grab the handhold on the right (as shown in this image) and jump staright up three more times to reach the topmost handhold. Traverse around the corner to the right and drop on the balcony. Go to the other side and jump to grab the top of the security glass. Alternatively, jump to grab the horizontal pole, climb on it and jump up to grab the security glass. Hang from the other side and drop to the ground.

When Lara enters the tech room, in the next cut scene, something catches her eyes behind the glass wall. It is a strange shadow, so she moves close to the glass wall. Lara makes some moves, trying to understand if the shadow will imitate her in every way. What she thought to be her own reflection appears to be a copy of herself, paler with red hair.

Alister suddenly comes out from nowhere, coughing with the smoke. Without showing mercy, Lara's double shoots him twice. Lara screams and opens the secure door but when she turns around, she is face to face with the double, who is smiling evilly. The creature beats Lara, preventing her from helping Alister. When the copy runs away, it is too late, and Alister dies in Lara's arms.

Carrying her friend, Lara joins Zip and Winston in the park and lays Alister's body on the ground. Zip wants to know what this thing was and Lara tells him that she has seen something like that once before; a doppelganger that Natla sent after her many years ago. (If you have played the origianal Tomb Raider or the remake of it, Anniversary, you should remember the flesh creature that imitated Lara.)

Winston wonders if this is possible, since Natla is now Amanda's prisoner. What seems logical to Lara is that the two works together. Lara decides to go to southern Mexico and retrieve Thor's belt. When Zip disagrees, arguing that she should stop her business because of Alister's death, Lara makes clear to him that in order to kill a god (Natla) she needs Thor's hammer. To get the hammer, she first needs to get the belt.


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