Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 11: Tibetan Foothills

The FMV shows Lara making her way back to the surface of the ocean, using a buoy. She drops to a seaplane and goes to the cockpit, taking off the wetsuit at the same time. The plane takes off and as Lara takes a look around the cockpit, she sees a jacket. The expression of her eyes indicates satisfaction, as she is heading to the cold Tibetan monastery. Suddenly, an alarm sounds and a red light starts blinking. Lara realizes that something is going wrong and the plane is ready to crash onto the mountains. Lara manages to escape using a parachute.

You begin the level sliding down a slope. Draw your weapons and as soon as you land on the ground, kill the falcon that attacks from the right. Continue to the right and take a standing jump over the slide. Proceed carefully and be careful not to slide down the slope. Beyond, you can see the two snowballs. They start rolling as soon as you land below. To get past them without injury, take a diagonal standing jump to the sloped mountain on the right, pressing Action to grab the edge. Start shimming to the left until you cannot go any further (see this screenshot to get oriented). The snowballs will roll, so shimmy back to the right and slide down.

Again, proceed carefully. When you go up the next ramp, two more snowballs will roll from the cave, so run to the alcove on the left to avoid them. Backtrack to the bottom of the ramp and shoot the icy wall on the right (as you return) to reveal a passage. A leopard is lurking inside, so stay sharp. Enter to trigger it, then hop backwards, jump to the right and onto the ramp where it will not follow you. Take care of it, go through the passage and pick up the two sets of Automatic Pistol Clips.

(Alternative method - From the ledge above the snowy passage, draw your Pistols and slide to the snowy passage and the snowballs will start rolling. Immediately run to the left, shoot the ice wall and enter the passage as the boulders roll past outside. Shoot the leopard, get the Clips, then go back out, run in the alcove to avoid the second set of boulders and then get out to proceed. )

Return outside and continue upwards. Pull into the cave and follow it as it goes around to the right. Notice the icy wall ahead. Jump towards it and it will shatter as you approach. You will land on a slope and start sliding down. Jump at the edge and grab the wall ahead. Climb to the top and then to the right above the opening; drop down. Or, after grabbing the wall, climb to the very right and back flip to the slope behind. Let go of Action and press Jump along with the right direction key to land on the ground. Continue through the cave until you reach the exit. Two falcons attack there, so take care of them.

(Shortcut #1 - Here you can take a shortcut and avoid reaching the hut going through the caves. If you are interested, check this page.)

Through the caves above the lake – Turn around and hang from the edge. Release to drop to the slide below and grab its edge. Release to drop to a ledge next to a doorway.

From now on, if you accidentally fall into the water, locate the low ledge with the climbable wall above. Climb to the top and jump to the slope ahead, pressing Action to grab the edge. Release to drop next to the doorway. Decide if you want to take the long route back or the shortcut, as mentioned above.

Go through the doorway to reach an opening in the floor with water below and two sets of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Walk to the front right corner, take one step backwards and jump to land just before the stalactites. Or, drop into the water below and climb up the wall. When you pull up, the stalactites will fall in front of you. Continue through the passage to return outside again. Go to the right and jump on the rock.

Enter the next cave and pull up onto the upper ledge. The passage above, leads to a closed gate. You will also see the Silver Dragon behind, but you will get it later. And yes, you will also ride the snowmobile ;-) Drop into the passage below and slide down the ramp. You reach a pool with four sets of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. To get past them, move diagonally between them until you reach the other side. Proceed to the exit of the cave.

Follow the rocks around to the left and take a running jump to the opposite side. You can hear that a falcon is flying around. Wait a bit and it will show up. Take care of it. Stand on the flat part of the rock and take a look below to spot the Large Medi Pack. Take a running jump there and get the Medi Pack. Jump to the snowy ledge on the left and start climbing up the blocks until you reach the top.

The hut – When you climb on the ledge that overlooks the hut, you can see two thugs patrolling. Kill them from here, drop down and pick up their two sets of Automatic Pistol Clips and Large Medi Pack.

1st Secret – Do not forget to get the Silver Dragon you probably saw before, behind a closed gate. It is in the bottom right corner of the area.

Large area with ledges around - Now get the snowmobile and drive into the cave (check at the bottom of the page how you can control the snowmobile). Run over the thug, dismount and pick up his Shotgun Shells. Get the snowmobile again and exit the cave to reach a large area with ledges around. The deal is to get the snowmobile into the wide opening at the far right, although it is possible to finish the level on foot. However, the snowmobile will help you clear some gaps easier.

If you take a look at the wide opening, you will see that two movable blocks block your way. So, climb into the opening on the left and follow the passage to get behind the blocks. Two leopards attack, so quickly jump on the blocks and kill them from above. Do not hesitate at all, because the leopards can jump on the blocks!! Drop down and pull\ push the blocks into the passage you came from. Return back and get the snowmobile. There are two ways to get into the wide opening: the short and the long one.

The short (tricky) way – Drive up the ramp in the middle of the area and jump over the gap to land to a perpendicular long ledge which is in front of a cave (as shown in this screenshot). This is not easy, because you need to turn the snowmobile to the left or right. Otherwise you will end up into the cave. In order to achieve a successful jump, you can try this: ride on the middle ramp, angling the snowmobile a bit to the left. When the snowmobile jumps off the ramp, press sharply the left arrow along with Jump. This way, the snowmobile will land on the left wider part of the ramp ahead and immediately will stop as soon as it lands (because you pressed Jump that makes the snowmobile stop). Turn towards the opening and ride your bike on the consecutive ramps jumping over the gaps that you come across until you reach the opening. If you manage to make it, you just need to press the up direction key and the snowmobile will jump over the various slopes, ending into the wide opening.

The long (secure) way – Go beneath the wide opening and drive up the ramp, pressing Action to gain extra boost, and jump over the gap. When you land on the opposite ledge, press the down direction key to cut your momentum and avoid falling down. Continue around to the left and again, use the extra boost to jump over the gap. The wall ahead will cut your momentum. Drive to the left (the end of this ledge must be above the entrance) and again, use the extra boost to jump over the gap and land on the opposite ledge. Quickly press the down direction key to break and avoid falling down. Drive to the left (a cave should be now on your right) and just press the up direction key. The snowmobile will start jumping over the slopes and finally land into the cave.

Once the snowmobile is into the wide opening – Jump over the big gap, using the left ramp to land on the opposite side. If you are on foot, you need to take a running jump from the right hand side. Make sure you jump at the very edge or you will not make it. Grab the opposite ledge and pull up. Continue to the left until you reach a chasm. Dismount and follow the right hand way on foot. Pick up the two pairs of Grenades and climb up the icy ladder. Use the switch to open a gate below. Climb back down and be alerted for the two thugs that are now waiting for you. The one is on your side, so take care of him and pick up his M-16 Clips. The other one is on the opposite side. You can shoot him or get the snowmobile, jump over the gap and run over him. He leaves a Small Medi Pack.

In any case, get the snowmobile and jump over the gap on the left. If you are on foot, you simply need to take a running jump. Keep driving and pass through the gate you just opened. You return outside again and onto an icy bridge. Keep driving and run over a thug. Do not stop (he drops nothing) and enter the cave beyond. Run over two more thugs and exit the cave at the other side.

2nd Secret – Dismount and take a look on the right. You can see the Jade Dragon on the ledge. Take a running jump there and pick up the Dragon. Two leopards emerge from the cave, so kill them from here and jump back to the bridge. Some times, one of the leopards gets scared and enters the cave. Be careful not to be surprised on your way back.

Open area with broken bridge – The next gap is big, so make sure you use the extra boost. Get the snowmobile and jump over the gap. Dismount and enter the cave. If you are on foot, you cannot jump over this gap. You need to go down, so jump to the ledge where you got the Secret and climb down the icy ladder. You need to kill three leopards down there and if you want, pick up the two pairs of Grenades. Go to the other side of the area and climb up the icy ladder. If you used the snowmobile, you will get the pick-ups and kills later.

(Shortcut #2 - You can avoid the next part which includes the retrieval of the Drawbridge Key, which makes you go down and up again. Although it seems that you need this Key later, you can complete the area with the drawbridge without the Key. Mind though that if you have brought the snowmobile until this point, you need to leave it now. If you do not mind a spoiler, you will leave the snowmobile later anyway, so it is not a big deal if you do it now. If you are interested in taking the shortcut, check this page.)

Cave with snowballs and icy ladder - You can see the three sets of snowballs at the top of the slope. Walk to the ledge close to the icy ladder and the first set will roll (as shown here). Jump to the slope above the first part of the icy ladder, pressing Action to grab the edge. The second set will roll. Shimmy to the left and pull onto the slope above the second part of the icy ladder, and the third set of snowballs will roll (as shown here). Now climb down the ladder as much as you can (Lara should be hanging only with her hands from the very left or right side), release and grab the edge of the opening. Pull up and pick up the Drawbridge Key.

Drop through the opening and draw your weapons. Shoot the icy wall and kill the thug that is waiting behind. Proceed slowly in the next room and the stalactites will fall beside you. Use the switch where the stalactites fell to open the gate that leads outside. Exit and drop down. This is the area beneath the bridge and the gap you jumped over before. Go to the other side where you will find two pairs of Grenades in a pit on the left. Three leopards emerge from the other side, so take care of them. Go back and climb up the icy ladder next to the gate you passed through before.

Ride the snowmobile and drive through the cave, passing over the slope where the three sets of snowballs rolled. If you are on foot, approach the corner which is close to the ladder and take a running jump to grab the opposite side (see this screenshot to get oriented). When you enter the next cave, dismount and notice the closed wooden gate on the left. Use the nearby switch to open it, but do not go through it because it leads back. For now, get the snowmobile again and enter the big cave beyond.

Area with drawbridge – Use the Drawbridge Key to the keyhole on the left (as you enter) to raise the two parts of the bridge above the entrance. Go to the other side of the area and up the ramp, around the perimeter in order to reach the bridge (with or without the snowmobile). Cross the bridge, but before proceeding, notice the snowballs at the top of the slope. There are four of them, so be careful as you go. If you walk slowly, you will trigger them before you reach the point they pass. If you cannot do it on foot, get the snowmobile and use the turbo to get past the snowballs and enter the cave at the other side. It is much easier if you drive the snowmobile at the very low edge of the slope – just behind where the warning sing is – and ride fast (with the turbo boost) straight into the cave ahead. If you do not bang on any obstacles, you will have enough time to drive past the rolling snowballs before they can smash you.

The shake you hear is due to the shift of the snow outside. This blocked the entrance of the cave and broke the ice in the area outside. If you have the snowmobile, jump over the pit. If you are on foot, jump to the slide on the left, pressing Action to grab the edge. Shimmy to the right until you can pull up on the flat ledge (as shown here). Continue through the cave to return back to the area with the drawbridge.

Dealing with the snowmobiler - The shift revealed a Hut Key at the front side of the snow bank on the left. When you approach it, a thug on his snowmobile is about to enter the area and start shooting at you, so quickly pick up the Key. If you want to deal with him, equip a powerful weapon (like the Uzis), so you can finish him quickly. If you are having troubles or do not want to deal with him, park the snowmobile close to the Key before getting it. Once you get the Key, get the snowmobile and quickly exit, heading to the wooden gate you opened before. Once you jump over the chasm, he will not follow you. If you want to do that, DO NOT park the snowmobile close to the area where the snow bank will appear after the shake, or the snow will cover the vehicle and it will disappear!!

If you used the hard way and killed the thug, you have the chance to get his snowmobile and play around with its guns. You cannot go a lot further though, because there is no turbo and you will not be able to jump over the broken bridge. So, leave it and get back your snowmobile (do not worry, you will have another chance later). So, exit and make your way back to the hut the same long way you came.

Back to the hut – To return there, exit the area with the drawbridge and drive to the left. Pass the slope an exit to the broken bridge. Jump over the gap and enter the cave. Cross the icy bridge and jump over the chasm from the left side. Exit to the area with the several ramps and enter the cave at the other side. A high ledge prevents you from continuing with the snowmobile, so dismount and proceed on foot. Two leopards are waiting beyond, so take care of them and return to the hut.

Open the door using the Hut Key and enter. Pick up the two sets of M-16 Clips, two Small Madi Packs and two sets of Uzi Clips. Use the switch to open a wooden gate just outside the hut. This alerts three thugs, so do not stay inside the hut. Quickly exit and go to the right around the hut (the thugs are coming from the left). Jump on the roof of the hut and kill them from above. Drop back down and pick up their Uzi Clips, Large Medi Pack and Automatic Pistol Clips.

Dealing with the second snowmobiler - Go through the gate you opened and follow the cave around to the right. Do not drop down to the next area. If you do that and make a couple of steps forward, a thug on his snowmobile will appear. To deal with him, walk to the front left corner of the opening and jump to the slope on the left. The thug will appear, so quickly roll and run\ jump back to the opening (as shown in this screenshot). Kill him from here and if he leaves from the other side of the area, hang from the edge to alert him and climb back up. Once you are done, drop down and get his snowmobile. Drive to the other side of the area, but be careful of the deep pit when you reach the lighted part. As before, you cannot jump over the pit, because when you press Action, you fire from the snowmobile's weapon. So ride over the rocks on the left to get to the other side.

3rd Secret – Dismount and hang from the edge of the pit. Start climbing down the icy ladder on the right and as soon as you drop down, side jump to the left to avoid the two snowballs that rolls from inside the cave. Pick up the Gold Dragon (plus four sets of Uzi Clips as a reward for finding all the Secrets), grab the ladder and climb to the top.

Get the snowmobile and continue through the cave to return outside again. Two more snowmobilers come from below so take care of them. You can stay on the snowmobile and use its guns. Alternatively, leave the snowmobile before exiting the cave and as soon as you exit the cave, climb to the rock ledge on the right and kill them from there. Once you are done, continue down to the other side where you will find a movable icy block. Push it to reveal a cave. Two thugs attack from the right, so take care of them. If they take a lot of your health, bring one of the snowmobiles close to the entrance and once you push the block, quickly exit and get the snowmobile. The thugs normally follow you and you can run over them.

A third thug is shooting from a ledge below. You can deal with him or ignore him, as he does not leave anything. You need to drop into the water, but Lara cannot reach it with a running jump. So exit, get one of the snowmobiles and bring it into the cave. Drive off the ledge to land into the water without getting damage. The snowmobile will crash, but Lara will survive, jumping off it. If you are on foot and have not brought a snowmobile here, walk up to the edge of the chasm and notice the slide on the left hand side (as shown here). Take a running jump on it and then another one into the water. Climb out of the water and follow the passage to end the level.

Controlling the snowmobile – Press Action to get the snowmobile. Press the up direction key to move forwards and the down direction key to move backwards. Press the left and right direction keys to steer. To dismount, press the Jump button along with the left or right direction keys. For extra boost, press Action whilst driving.


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