Tomb Raider 2: Dagger of Xian Walkthrough & Game Guide

Level 12: Barkhang Monastery

(*Note about the monks – The monks in this level are friendly. If you do not harm the ones you meet, the rest will help you throughout the level, dealing with the thugs. But if you kill even one, the rest in the level will not be friendly. The statistics above do not include the monks.)

Follow the tunnel around to the right to reach an area outside the Monastery. Three monks are dealing with two thugs, so stay away, just before the corner. If you want to assist, go ahead but be careful not to aim at a monk. Once the thugs are dead, pick up their two sets of Uzi Clips, Small Medi Pack and Automatic Pistol Clips.

Getting into the Monastery – You need to get into the Monastery, but the front doors are closed. So, climb up the ladder opposite the steps and as soon as you reach the top, draw your weapons and kill the crow that appears ahead. Turn to face the ladder and jump to the ledge on the right hand side, then to the next opposite ledge. Drop to the walkway below and jump to the opening between the rocks. Two more crows attack, so take care of them. Turn to face the way you came and side jump to the left to land on a slide, pressing Action to grab the edge. Release and grab the crevice below. Shimmy to the left until you can pull up (see this screenshot for clarification). Shoot the windows and enter the library.

Into the Monastery\ Strong Room – Exit the library and enter the hallway. A monk is patrolling here and if you continue to the Strong Room ahead, a thug will break the window and the monk will deal with him. If he does not make it, kill the thug and pick up his Automatic Pistol Clips. Exit to the balcony the thug came from and pick up a pair of Grenades. Return to the hallway and continue to the other side. At the end you can see two closed doors that lead to the main hall of the Monastery. Ignore the room with the rolling blades on the right and enter the room on the left. Another monk is patrolling inside, who will exit and try to kill a thug that is coming from behind. Once he is dead (by the monk or you), pick up his Small Medi Pack and Uzi Clips (or a pair of Uzis if you do not have them).

Upper part of the main hall – Climb up the ladder to reach a balcony high in the main hall. Go to the right and you will see a monk coming from a walkway on the left. Go that way and get the Main Hall Key from the low ledge. Backtrack to the balcony and continue to the other side around the perimeter. Drop into the small room and pass in front of the opening of the passage to trigger a boulder. Once it has rolled down, follow the passage to a T-junction. Step where the Flares are and immediately hop backwards to avoid another rolling boulder. The right hand way leads to corridor with a movable crate. You cannot push it more than once and it does not matter if you do it. So, there is no reason to go there now. Instead, follow the left way of the T-junction to reach an opening that overlooks a pool.

Pool with strong current – You may want to save your game here. If you take a look in the pool, you will see an opening at the bottom that sucks the water and Lara if she approaches it. There is an opening in the opposite wall and this is where you need to go. So, jump into the water and swim to the opposite wall. Turn left and swim, pressing the right direction key to stick to the wall. It is not so difficult to make it and once you pass through the opening, you can surface and get some air. You can also try this: once on the ledge that overlooks the pool, turn around so that the water is behind you. Jump back pressing Action and Lara will grab the edge of the ledge. Release grab, turn Lara to the right and start swimming whilst pressing left all the while to swim around the opening and reach the other side. Even if the current drags you towards the middle, do not panic. Keep pressing Jump along with the direction arrows and you should make it (see this screenshot to get oriented).

Drop into the water below and continue through the dark tunnel. Light a Flare because what you hear is a door that opens and closes. Carefully get past it by running when it opens. Pass the other two and climb up the ladder at the end.

Area with gold burners - A monk is trying to deal with two thugs. Assist if you want and pick up the Small Medi Pack one of them drops. Enter the dark room and jump over the gold burners. When you pick up the Prayer Wheel #1 from the far left corner, the burners ignite. To get past them, take standing jumps between them and over the horizontal line. There are two movable crates in the previous room. Push\ pull them away to reveal a passage that leads to a ladder. Climb it to the top to return back to the T-junction where the boulder rolled from before. Return back to the balcony at the top of the main hall and climb down the ladder to return to the hallway that leads to the closed doors of the main hall.

(Note – If you have not hurt any monk until now, a dead thug should be on the balcony as you return back. The monk did this for you. If you killed that monk before, the thug should patrol on the balcony and you need to deal with him. He drops nothing.)

Monastery Main Hall – Use the Main Hall Key to unlock the doors and enter. Two monks are patrolling inside and if you move to the middle of the hall, three thugs enter from the hallway behind. The monks will try to kill them, but you can help them if you want. When the thugs are dead, pick up their Small and Large Medi Packs and Automatic Pistol Clips.

Hallway with 3 moving blades – There are several passages around the hall, but for now enter the first one on the right hand side that leads to a room with bookcases and tables. There is a hallway with three horizontal moving blades in the far right corner. To get past the first one without injury, stand in the middle of the previous block and take a standing jump when the blade is on your side. Until you reach it, it should have moved to the other side. Or, stand in the middle of the previous block, turn to the either left or right and make an absolutely safe side-flip over the blade when it is at the vertical position. Enter the room on the left where the monk is and pick up the Strongroom Key. Exit to the hallway and return to the main hall. There is no reason to proceed to the end of the hallway with the three horizontal moving blades, because it leads to a dead end.

Strong Room\ Room with rolling blades – Go back and through the main hall's doors, pass the room with the rolling blades and on the T of the hallway, go to the left to enter the Strong Room. Use the Strongroom Key to unlock the gate and get the Rooftops Key from inside. Exit and now enter the room with the rolling blades. To get past them, run\ jump when they move away from the center of the room. Use the Rooftops Key to open the door on the far left and go up the steps.

Rooftops – Take a look at the burners in the passage (also take a look at the creepy moving eyes alongside the passage). Go to the right and around the corner where you will find a switch that turns off the burners. This is on a slow timer (20 seconds), so do not panic. Once you flip the switch, side-jump to the right and head to the burners. Take standings jumps, by standing in the middle between two burners. Avoid taking running jumps or you will get stuck just before each burner.

Once you pass them, go down the stairs on the left where the three gold trapdoors are. Two monks will come from the left around the corner and this will happen because two thugs are coming from behind you. Do not get involved (unless it is necessary) and let the two monks take care of the thugs. When the thugs are dead, pick up their Small Medi Pack and Uzi Clips (a third monk may join here, who comes from the room with the rolling blades below). Climb up the ladder and pick up the M-16 Clips. Drop back down and use the switch to open two of the trapdoors. Safely drop into the room below and shoot the windows to get the two Gemstones. Use the switch on the right of the room (if the bars are to your back) to open the third trapdoor and return back to the rooftops.

Go back to the passage with the burners, which should be off now, and head to the left. Place one of the Gemstones to the receptacle behind the gold statues to move the star door backwards. Enter the room and pull the movable crate twice to reveal an alcove behind. Go there and pick up the Prayer Wheel #2. Make your way back to the main hall of the Monastery. To return there, pass the burners and go down the stairs to the room with the rolling blades. Exit and turn right.

Room with movable crates – Go to the far right corner of the hall and down the steps where there are no railings (at the base of Buddha). Enter the hallway on the right and then the first room on the right. Here you can find many crates and only three are movable. A monk is also coming from the left. You can re-arrange the crates if you want and get some pickups. (The following sequence is shown in this page.) The first movable crate is on the left of the stack. Go to the left side of it and pull it once. As you face it, go to the left between the barrels and push the same crate next to the entrance. Then pull it in front of the entrance. Now pull the second movable crate from the stack once (to position it where the first one initially was) and go to the backside of it to get some Automatic Pistol Clips. Climb on the crates and pull the top left crate. Pick up the two sets of Harpoons beneath it. To unblock the entrance, push the first crate into the corner.

Continue to the other side of the room and enter the passage. Jump over the trapdoor that opens beneath you, pressing Action to grab the ladder below if necessary. There is nothing interesting at the bottom, so keep going. On the T-junction, the stairs on the right lead to a closed door. For now, go to the left and up the steps. Four thugs emerge from behind, but do not bother with them. Quickly draw your weapons and shoot the window. When you pass through the window, roll and press Action at the same time to grab the sill. Release to drop to the yard below. Three anxious monks are patrolling here and if you have been good to them, they will help you take care of the thugs. Use the switch to open the door and let the monks enter and kill the thugs (assist if necessary). Once the thugs are dead, pick up their Small and Large Medi Packs and Shotgun Shells. Or, use the switch to open the door, go on with your business and get the pick-ups on your way back, killing any remaining baddy. In that case, the dead bodies may be much further down in the passage/ steps, behind the open door.

Climb up the ladder on the other side of the yard and dismount on the ledge or back-flip on the ledge behind. Climb up the rest of the ladders to reach the top where you will find the Prayer Wheel #3. Climb down all the ladders, go through the door and up the steps, and jump over the trapdoor to return back to the room with the movable crates.

Exit to the hallway and go to the right. Pass the opening on the left and enter the room with the gold floor beyond. Two monks are coming from the opening and as you enter it, you will hear gunfire behind you. The two monks along with the rest fight with two thugs. You can help them if you want and once the thugs are dead, pick up their Uzi Clips and Grenades.

Passage with traps – Go through the opening where you triggered the gunfire. Beyond you can see a series of traps (oh my!!). First, you have to deal with a burner and two moving spiked balls. The burner shuts off when you step on the previous block and ignites again when you step off and after a few seconds. Stand to the either left or right (in order to deal with one spiked ball) and step on the burner. When the spiked ball moves away from you, run and drop into the pit below. Go to the end of the pit. You can see a rolling blade above. Turn around and pull onto the ledge. Do not move ahead or the previous spiked balls will kill you. Turn around to face the next trap and stand on the either left or right. When the rolling blade moves to the left, jump to the burner that turns off as you pass above the previous block and drop into the pit when the spiked ball moves to the backside. Go to the end of the pit and pull on the ledge to the right.

1st Secret – Before going to the next room, let's go for a Secret. Here you can see a rolling blade. When it moves to the left, follow it and hide into the alcove on the left or right hand side in order to avoid it on its way back. Continue to the end of the hallway and stop as soon as you turn left. There are two doors that open and close, so carefully pass them and pick up the Jade Dragon. Be careful as you return back!! Make sure you have checked that the rolling blade has moved to the right before entering the hallway. Again use the alcoves for cover.

Enter the room on the left and pick up the Trapdoor Key. Go up the ramp and slide down into the pool.

2nd Secret – Swim to the far right corner of the pool, where you can find an underwater passage (as shown in this screenshot). Swim through it and get the Silver Dragon. (Important: Make sure you get the Dragon now. You will drain the pool later and you will not have access to the Secret.)

Back to the Main Hall - Climb out of the water and go through the opening to return back to the hallway. Go to the right and make your way back to the main hall of the Monastery. Go to the right side of the main hall, where the gold trapdoor is. Use the Trapdoor Key to the nearby keyhole to open the trapdoor and drop through it. Go to the end of the passage and climb out. To the left are a monk and a switch, the latter of which you can use and open the doors that lead back to the main hall. When you do that, two thugs appear in the hall. Let the monks deal with them and go to the right of the passage you climbed out before.

Follow the ramps until you reach a high pillar. Move around it to the left and climb into the opening. Climb up the ladder and drop to the ledge at the other side. Draw your weapons and go to the right where a wooden bridge is. A crow and a thug attack, so take care of them and pick up the M-16 Clip the thug dropped.

Area with building – Cross the wooden bridge if you have not done so and follow the passage around to the right. Kill the two crows, but be careful not to aim at the monk. Go to the right and climb up the rocks. From the top, take a running jump to grab the ledge and pull up. Go to the end and take a running jump to grab the roof of the building. Pull up (see this screenshot). Drop through the opening and get the Prayer Wheel #4. Use the switch to open the door and exit cautiously. The monk fights with a thug, so assist if you want (for some reason, usually, if not always, if you do not help this specific monk, he drops dead). Once the thug is history by the monk or you, pick up his Shotgun Shells.

Back to the hall – Return back to the main hall the same way you came. Two more thugs will appear, but if the door that leads back to the hall is open, the monks have probably taken care of them. Otherwise, you need to deal with them by yourself.

Buddha's top – Enter the hall and go to the other side where the blue railings are. As you face Buddha, go through the second opening on the right hand wall and climb up the ladder. Follow the hallway to reach an opening above the statue. Take a running jump to grab the elbow and pull up. Climb on the hand to the right and take a running jump to the head. Cross it to the end and jump to the other hand. Take a standing jump to grab the opening above and pull up. Place the second Gemstone to open a trapdoor in a room beneath the statue. Take a standing jump back to the hand and drop to the shoulder. Step off the shoulder from the front side of the statue to slide down.

3rd Secret – Before dropping to the ground, go to the back of the statue and take a standing jump over the slide. Pull into the alcove and pick up the Gold Dragon (plus four sets of M-16 Clips as a reward for finding all the Secrets).

Room with red pipes\ draining the pool - Drop to the ground and go to the front side of the statue. Enter the small room and drop through the trapdoor you opened before. Follow the passage and climb out at the end to reach a room with red pipes. To the left where the bars are, you can find a switch that opens the wooden door on the other side (see this screenshot if you cannot find the switch). Go through it and push the movable crate from the left side and towards the stream to prevent the water from going into the pool. Return to the previous room and slide down the ramp backwards, pressing Action to grab the edge. Drop down and head to the other side. Climb on the ledge where another movable crate is. Push\ pull it to reveal an alcove with the Prayer Wheel #5. Pick up it, drop back down and climb up the ladder. Go through the opening on the left and make your way back to the hall.

Once you have the 5 Prayer Wheels – Go around the perimeter of the statue, passing the small room with the trapdoor. Go up the steps to enter a room with a closed double door. Place the five Prayer Wheels to the slots to open the double door and go through it. Head up the ramp and place the Seraph to the receptacle to open the door on the right. Go through it to end the level.


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