Level 25: Street Bazaar

First Time
You first enter this level from the Trenches one.

The goal is to find the two components Sergeant Azizus asked you to get in the Citadel Gate.

Turn around and climb down the ladder. Drop down at the end and head to the right.

The cut scene shows a wounded soldier drawing his weapon and pointing it at Lara. Lara does the same thing, telling him that Azizus sent her. The soldier is begging for help, as the locusts smell the blood on him. Lara asks for the explosive codes, as she needs to get back to Azizus through the "rabbit warren" with both legs intact. The soldier throws the Mine Detonator Body on the floor and mentions a colleague of his, Saida, who lies across the Roof Bridge in the mosque. He then tells her to search his body.

Pick up the Mine Detonator Body the soldier threw away during the cut scene, the Handle from the table in the west, and the Car-Jack Body from behind the taxi. Push the red button near the soldier to open the two doors nearby.

First, go through the door at the top of the ramp because you miss something if you proceed through the other. Climb through the opening to get the Large Medipack. Climb up the ladder to the top and follow the hallway to the end. You are at the top of the room with the soldier. Take a diagonal standing jump to the right ledge or jump forwards pressing Action to grab the bars and traverse towards the ledge. Then climb through the crawlspace. As you drop down on the other side, the camera shows you from above through a closed trapdoor with a padlock.

Climb onto the low block, and if you have not done so, combine the Handle with the Car-Jack Body to get the Car-Jack. Use it on the low wall to break the bar of the padlock and open the trapdoor. (For the PC players: If Lara refuses to do it by saying "No", just select the Car-Jack from your inventory and press Enter. Eventually she will do it.)

On the roof - Climb up to the roof. Make sure you do not step on the wooden ledge where the blue light is or you will be toasted. When you approach the right corner of the roof, a swarm of locusts will attack you. You cannot avoid it, but use the locust bug as described in Citadel Gate to get rid of them. You cannot cross the bridge yet, as a barricade prevents you halfway across.

Go around the blue light (northwest) and do not bother with the first movable box. Continue along a bit and pull the second movable box that is in front of the blue light, once. Now push it into the alcove. Pull the box with the funnel at the top once, and then push it onto the wooden ledge where the blue light is.

The cut scene shows the ledge and the box lowering, and the barricade halfway down the bridge being broken by a blue light.

Cross the bridge and take a running jump to grab the ladder ahead. Climb to the left around the corners and drop onto the ledge.

Secret (1-1\ total: 60-70) - Take a standing jump to the extended flat ledge of the roof. Follow it around to the right. A swarm of locusts will attack, so keep running. When the locusts have faded away, pick up the Large Medipack, the Crossbow Poison ammo, and the Grenadegun Flash ammo. Return back to the ladder.

(Note about a possible bug - If, after dropping to the ledge below the ladder, you decide not to continue to the left for the Secret, but climb through the opening on the right instead, you might encounter a weird and irritating bug, where you lose Lara's camera. You will be able to control Lara, but the camera will not follow her. You can get her to climb into the opening, but you will not be able to see what she is doing or where she is going, even if you press the Look button. The only cure is to load an earlier save game. However, if you go for the Secret, then return to the ledge below the ladder, no such bug will activate.)

Climb through the opening next to the ladder. Hang from the edge, and release and press Action in order to slide down the slopes. Go down either of the two ramps to reach a room with a lot of crates. Go down the ramp in the back right corner and pick up the Mine Position Data from the dead soldier (Saida). When you do that, a bull appears in the room with the crates.

As in the Guardian Of Semerkhet level, you cannot kill the bull, and you need him to make him do the hard work for you. Since you cannot break the crates that block the exit in the southeast corner, goad the bull into doing it. If you need to take a breather you can stand on the two ledges. The two crates in the southwest corner include a Small Medipack and Flares. Making the bull break those crates is fairly easy. Just stand on the ledge and walk to the edge towards each crate. The bull will try to attack you, but when you jump out of the way in the nick of time, his momentum will carry him into the crates, thus breaking them. For the crate that is on the east wall, you need to stand in front of it, and when the bull is ready to reach you, side jump either to the left or right. If you make it, pick up the Uzi ammo from inside.

For the crates that block the exit, stand in front of them, and when you see the bull coming towards you, side jump to the left. If you are low on health and the bull takes some of it, stand on the ledge next to the crates and face north. Walk to the edge to attract the bull's attention and wait for him to attack. Repeat the above process.

Once you are done, go up the ramp to reach the balcony above. There is a soldier on the left, so quickly run to the right and kill him from there, as he does not move around in that direction. If you return to the room with the bull, you will see that the crates it broke are there again. They do not include anything though. Follow the opening in the south and slide down the ramp to enter the Trenches (Third Time).


Second Time
You come here for a second time after a brief visit at the Trenches. You will not stay here for more than five minutes.

  • Secrets: 0
  • Kills: 2
  • Pick-ups: 1

Turn around and climb down the ladder. Go through the door at the bottom of the ramp and follow the hallway. Kick open the door to emerge outside. Then kill the soldier on the left. Pick up the Uzi ammo underneath the shed and kill a second soldier that lurks in the far right (northeast) corner of the area. Follow the opening in the northwest to enter the Trenches (Fourth Time).


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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