Level 8: Gallows Tree

You participate in this section as a young, 16 year old Lara. Because you are so young however you are weaponless, so you will have to finish these three levels using just your wits and other skills.

Area with chasm - There is a drop on your right. There is no a particular reason for going down there apart from two pick-ups (two Small Medipacks). You will get the chance to go down though after getting a Secret. So for now, go to the left until you reach the much bigger chasm. If you take a look below and on the other side, you will see an angled ledge and a crevice directly above it. It looks very far away, but Lara can just about reach it. Take a running jump to land on it. Stand against the wall and jump up to grab the crevice. Shimmy to the left and then around the corner. Release your grip and you will land on a slide that is takes you to another angled ledge (this screenshot shows the above procedure).

1st Secret (1-3\ total: 19-36) - Turn to your right to face a third angled ledge which has the same texture as the one you are currently standing on. Take a standing jump towards that ledge now, pressing Action whilst sliding to grab the edge. Release to land on a sandy ledge below (as shown here). Turn right to face a dark cave. Walk to the edge and take a standing jump, pressing Action to avoiding hitting your head on the upper part of the cave entrance. A flock of bats will attack. Either run around in a circle until they fade away, or crouch in the corner for a while. Pick up the Large Medipack and the Golden Rose from the left hand side and return to the entrance of the cave.

At the bottom of the chasm - Safely drop to the ground. Having the cave to the back of you, follow the right hand part of the chasm, eventually going right around the central structure to get a Small Medipack. Then, follow the left part of the chasm to get to a block beneath the exit opening. To clear all these angled ledges that Lara cannot normally walk on, take standing jumps. Turn left when you are on the block (facing the exit opening). There is a flat ledge in the far right corner. To reach it, stand in the middle of the block and take a standing jump. Now take another standing jump and pick up the Small Medipack. Return back to the block and climb through the opening. Climb up all the ledges to reach the top where you started the level.

Back at the beginning - Once again, reach the big chasm and take a running jump to the first angled ledge. Grab the crevice and shimmy to the left and then around the corner. Release to slide down backwards on a second angled ledge. Turn right and jump towards the third angled ledge, pressing Action whilst sliding to grab the edge. Do not drop onto the sandy ledge this time. Instead, shimmy to the right and around the corner until you reach a small opening underneath. Release Action, and press it again immediately afterwards to grab the edge of the opening. Pull up and crawl through.

Go to the right and vault on the low block. The vines above will help you get across. Jump up to grab the vines and monkey swing over to the other side. Get the Large Medipack from the right lower ledge, slide down to the left, and run out of the cave.

The cut scene shows Lara entering the Gallows Tree area. The bell from the church rings and after a flashing light, a man appears hanging from the tree ahead. "Come closer child". Lara does not find out who he is. "What" the man clarifies. In any case, this thing is condemned to wander between the kingdoms of man and elementals. The man asks for his heart that is hidden in the World Tree (the tree that he is hanging from). He asks Lara to find his heart and return it to its rightful resting place. Lara seems offish and cannot trust him. "My soul is gone and how it fares, nobody knows and nobody cares". As the man appeared through a flashing light, he disappears the same way.

As soon as you have control of Lara again, be careful of the fire ahead. You can also see a well on the right hand side of the area. If you approach it, a small creature will appear. You cannot kill it and it can hurt you. So, avoid going to that part of the area. If you trigger the creature though, you can just avoid it.

2nd Secret (2-3\ total: 20-36) - Having the fire in front of you (if you did not move after the cut scene), turn around to face the opening from where you entered the Gallows Tree area. You should see a tall pillar to your left. Go to the left-hand side of the opening and stand against the wall. Jump up to grab the edge of the slope and shimmy to the left until the pillar is to the back of you. Pull up, pressing Jump to back flip at the top of the pillar (see here to get oriented). Pick up the Golden Rose and drop back onto the ground.

Assuming you have the entrance to the back of you, there is a small cave on the right. Enter the cave but do not follow the crawl space. Instead, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the opening above. When you enter the opening, a flock of bats will attack. Again, you can either run around until they fade away or simply crouch in the corner for a while. Follow the tunnel to the end and around to the left, and climb onto the ledge. You are now up above the well.

Into the well - You have to get into the well. You can slide down the ramp (do not press Jump or anything) or walk to the edge and take a standing jump. You can even take a running jump if you want. When you drop into the well, swim down and through the opening at the bottom. At the first T-junction, turn right. Turn right as well at the second T-junction. Then swim to the left (the opening above is a dead end) and upwards to surface shortly afterwards. Whilst swimming upwards you pass an opening. You can surface there as well but you cannot climb out, as the ledge is too high.

Outside the small building - Having the fence to the back of you, swim to the right where there is a wooden slope. Some rats appear, so quickly pull yourself onto the slope and back flip to the ledge behind. If you want to avoid the rats, swim to the left of the pool and climb out onto the sandy ledge. Head to the wooden walkway and take a running jump towards the slope. Keep pressing the Jump button to land on the opposite ledge (as shown here). Crawl through the opening to enter the house. Pick up the Large Medipack and get the Rubber Tube from the drawers.

Return to the pool by virtue of either following the crawlspace or dropping into the water via the hole in the floor. Having the fence on your back, climb onto the ledge to the left and then onto the wooden walkway. Jump over the fence to reach the other side of the pool and climb out of the water on the left. Do not swim around the water or you will trigger the appearance of some more rats. Go straight to the opening on the right and crawl through the opening to get back to the Gallows Tree.

Make your way over to the far left corner of the area. Crawl through the small opening and follow the way around to the left. There is a misty cave at the end. Enter the cave and pick up the Pitchfork.

(Note - Many people have mentioned that they cannot see the Pitchfork because it is pretty dark in there. It is meant to be dark, but not so much so it prevents you from seeing the Pitchfork. It gets even more difficult however if the small creature comes over to harass you, as you are bumbling around in the dark. In this case, change the settings of your monitor by turning up the brightness. If this does not help, enter the cave and go to the end. Press Action. If Lara does not pick up anything, take one step backwards and press Action again. You will eventually pick up the Pitchfork. It is a big item as TR items go. Lara cannot miss it forever.)

Exit the cave and climb up to the ledge directly above. Combine the Rubber Tube with the Pitchfork to get the Catapult. Then walk towards to the wooden bars and press Action to use it.

The cut scene shows Lara picking up a stone and using the Catapult. She breaks the base of a chain that holds two bells above. The bells fall down and break the wooden bars.

Area with crypts - Enter the area with the fallen bells and get the Iron Clapper from the floor. Make sure not to forget it, because if you do you will have to return here later to get it. Go through the hole and climb out of the tunnel at the end. There are a few crypts dotted here and there around the area. Enter the one directly above the tunnel and pick up the Torch from behind the table. Exit and run up the hill. The first crypt on the left contains a Small Medipack. In order to pick it up, you have to drop the Torch (press the Draw Weapon key). Be careful though where you drop it (better drop it in an opened area) so you know where you can pick it up again later.

Continue up the hill and find the crypt that has a lit torch on the wall. Stand in front of it and press Action to light your Torch. Although it is not necessary now, it will help you to locate the Torch later when you have to drop it again. Find the hole at the end of the hill and throw the Torch into the hole (walk to the edge and press the Draw Weapon key). Climb down the ladder and pick up the Torch again. Watch your steps, because the floor after the opening collapses when you pass over it, revealing a spike pit. You can either run over the floor without stopping at all, or enter the opening on your right. Following either of the two ways, you can see a lit torch on the wall. If you did not light your Torch from one of the crypts outside, light it now from the lit torch so you can locate it later. Then drop it down.

3rd Secret (3-3\ total: 21-36) - Follow the passageway to the right of the lit torch on the wall. A flock of bats will attack you, so either run around until they fade away or crouch in a corner. At the end of the passageway you should be able see the spiked pit. Carefully walk through these spikes, pressing the Walk button, and crawl through the small opening. Starting your crawl in the middle of spikes makes you lose health. If you do not want to lose health, start crawling before the spikes. Pick up the Large Medipack and the Golden Rose. Return to the lit torch on the wall by crawling back through the spikes.

Room beneath the tree - Pick up your Torch from the floor, and if you have not already done so, light it using the lit torch on the wall. Follow the passageway opposite the torch and turn right. If you ran over the collapsed floor before, you might have previously triggered some bats. If you did not, then you trigger them now. Go up the ramp until you reach a small room with tree's roots in the middle. Stand underneath the roots and press Action to use the Torch, systematically burning them. The hangman's heart drops to the ground. Throw the Torch away and pick up the Heart. Make sure you throw the Torch away from the roots in the middle of the room, otherwise it will land underneath the roots and you will not be able to get the Heart.

A door opens. Lara goes through it and triggers the next cut scene. She slides down into the room below. Father Patrick is standing in front of a hole, and we can hear the groaning coming from in there. Father drops Iron into the hole, something that he advises young Lara to do in a pickle, as it can repel the "demons". He finally tells her to meet him on the other side of the bridge (comment: he appears very distraught to see that Lara has followed him to a dangerous place, yet strangely has no problem with leaving her alone in it.)

Follow the passageway where Father Patrick went, but do not slide down the ramp. This leads you back to the main area of the Gallows Tree, and since you do not have a reason to go there, avoid it for now. Pick up the Small Medipack in front of the slide and return to the room where the roots are. Ignore the Torch here, as you do not need it anymore. Return to the spiked pit and then go back up to the hill by climbing the ladder. Go to the right and place the Heart in the receptacle next to the closed door. More small creatures suddenly attack from the crypts. Enter through the door you just opened.

If you have the Clapper, the cut scene shows Lara about to push a stone that covers the exit. The small creatures enter the room. Lara throws the Clapper towards them and they leave. Now she can push the stone in peace.

If you do not have the Clapper, the cut scene shows Lara about to push a stone that covers the exit. The small creatures enter the room but they are stronger than her. They disappear but Lara is outside the room. If you try to enter again, you will see the same cut scene. So, this means you have not got the Clapper located where you used the Catapult. Return there by going down the hill to the end. Drop through the opening and climb out where the fallen bells are. The Clapper is nearby. Get it and return to the exit.

Once you are done with the small creatures, drop through the exit you just opened and crawl to the end. Climb up the two ledges and pick up the Large Medipack from the wooden bridge. A flock of bats will attack, so either run around in circles until they fade away, or crouch in a corner for a while. Climb up to the next ledge and follow the tunnel to the ramp at the end of the level.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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