Level 9: Labyrinth

You begin in an abandoned church. Turn around and approach the gate.

The cut scene shows a ghost going through this gate. It turns an adamantine handle on a church pew and disappears through the next wall.

It is better to trigger this cut scene now because you will do it later anyway. The triggering of it will cause you to temporarily lose your orientation, and when the cut scene ends Lara will face the opposite side, having the gate to the back of her.

The stone puzzle - After the cut scene, head to the other side of the church, on the left when you started the level. You need to push the three stones in the correct order to open the gate from where the ghost originated from in the cut scene. There are six combinations, but the correct one is Middle - Left - Right. If you hit the wrong combination the puzzle will be reset.

[Note - Until now, we have not found a logical explanation for this puzzle and probably there is not one (only by trial and error). If you find one, feel free to contact us.]

Once you do it correctly, the cut scene will show the stalls moving, the gate opening, and a skeleton with a sword lying in an opening in the wall.

You need to reach the gate now, but there are transparent skeletons littered around the area that can hurt you with their swords, if you get too close to them. (The following procedure is shown in this page.) If you do not want to be hurt, then having the stones to the back of you, go the right hand side, passing the first skeleton from behind. Continue between the two pews and pass the column from the left. Stay close to the next pew on your left and again stay close to the next one near the gate. If you did not trigger the first cut scene before, then you will trigger it now. Lara will have the gate to the back of her when the cut scene ends. In this case, immediately perform a roll. Go through the gate.

Approach the adamantine handle and press Action in front of it. Lara will remove it, getting the Bone Dust from inside. Go to where the skeleton is lying and pick up the Small Medipack from the floor. Now you have to make your way back to the stones. Again, you need to avoid the skeletons, so follow the opposite procedure. Once you make it, stand in front of the font to the left of the stones and use the Bone Dust to burn the content and open the second gate of the church.

The cut scene shows the skeletons being destroyed.

1st Secret (1-3\ total: 22-36) - Go through the gate you just opened, but before sliding down, look for a ledge up above. Climb onto it and throw the switch to open a gate back in the room where you got the Bone Dust. In there you will find a Large Medipack on the floor and a Golden Rose in the niche.

Return and slide down the ramp. Avoid the flock of bats that attack and drop through the hole. Make sure you hang from the edge and release. If you just step off, you will hit to the ledges below. If you are quick, roll immediately after sliding down, pressing Action to grab the edge of the hole. Immediately let go of Action and you will not get hurt by the bats. You land in a greenish pool, so climb out.

The cut scene shows the ghost again entering a room and passing through some wooden ledges. It finally passes a Bestiary and disappears through a closed door.

Inside the labyrinth - For those who are playing the game for the first time, this area really does look like a labyrinth. In fact, there are three stacked rooms. From the bottom to the top we have: Lava Room, Gas Room and Spike Room. Each room has four doors (one on each side) and a wooden structure in the middle that you can rotate via a switch located inside the structure itself. You can see this rotation through a cut scene, but unfortunately this cut scene does not correspond to the reality. So, it is easy to get stuck here.

Getting out of the labyrinth - When the cut scene ends, start heading up the ramps until you reach the first opening. Go through that opening, pick up the Small Medipack on your way, and enter the Lava Room.

2nd Secret (2-3\ total: 23-36) - Before crossing the wooden bridge, go down the left part where there no railings. Take a running jump to grab the ledge, and shimmy to the right and around the corner. Pull up at the end and turn around. Take some steps to the right where the ceiling is higher and take a running jump to the ledge below. Enter the doorway and get the Golden Rose at the end. Return to the wooden bridge the same way you came.

Cross the bridge and throw the switch.

The cut scene shows the structure in the room rotating and the structure in the Gas Room rotating as well.

Having no other choice, follow the opening on the right hand side of the switch. You will end up in another area with ramps. Head up the ramps until you reach an opening. Go through that opening that leads to the Gas Room and cross the wooden bridge. DON NOT however throw the switch here. Instead, continue to the right of the switch, crossing another wooden bridge and exiting to a third area with ramps. In fact, this is the first set of ramps you met that lead you to the Lava Room, but you are now further up.

Continue up until you see an opening. Before going through, get the Small Medipack at the end of the ramp. Back track and go through the opening to enter the Spike Room. Cross the bridge around to the right (be careful not to fall down) and pick up the Bestiary at the end which opens the door beyond. Take a standing jump to the ledge below and climb up onto the next ledge close to the door. Go through it and follow it to another area with ramps.

You can see white lights in this area. They are friendly and will show you the way out. First, get the Large Medipack from the bottom. Now you have to make your way up. You can climb up the ramp above where the Medipack was (jump up and grab), or jump from the lowest ramp.

3rd Secret (3-3\ total: 24-36) - Notice the ceiling with the slants. Position Lara on the left hand corner of the ramp, turn left to face the curved part of the ceiling, and take a standing jump, pressing Action to grab it (see here). Traverse towards the crawlspace at the end, release Action and then immediately press it again to grab the edge of the crawlspace. Pull up and crawl to the end. Turn around and hang from the edge. Do not let go, as there are spikes below. Shimmy to the right around the two corners and pull up to get the Golden Rose. Return the same way that you came and drop to the ground.

You have to make your way up again to the ramp where you grabbed the ceiling with the slants. This time however do not grab it. Instead, turn left and take a standing jump to grab the wooden ledge. Pull up, turn around, and take a running jump to the wooden ledge opposite. Follow the ramps at the end. The white lights are waiting for you. Slide down the ledge and follow the path out of the cave.

Getting out of the maze - The next area is a maze, or sorts, and you had better save your game before attempting to beat it. To get out, just follow the friendly white lights, jumping over the holes when you need to. If you accidentally fall into one of these holes you will enter a second maze under the ground you do not need to be in. If this happens you will need to make your way back up and try again. To do this you must find the only one low ledge you can use to climb up. This leads you back to the beginning, and the white lights will be waiting for you again.

What makes the situation difficult is a creature that emerges from the left when you first enter the upper part of the maze. Do not panic when you see it popping out from the cave. Just follow the lights, jumping over the gaps. The monster cannot jump over them and it will have to take the long route, by going around. Anyway, the white lights finally lead you to slope. Slide down to enter a room with coffins. Get the Large Medipack from the middle of the room and approach the open coffin ahead to end the level.

The cut scene shows Lara entering the open coffin. She meets Father Patrick and seems surprised that Father's hair is white. He tells her that some unpleasant fellows from down below frightened him (he laughs here). They then exit together.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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