Level 10: Old Mill

The cut scene shows Lara and Father Patrick exiting the Labyrinth. He tells her that he is going to find a safe place to put her and advises her to stay away from trouble (Fat chance!). Lara tells him she found a book with protective symbols in the Labyrinth and asks him if he wants to use it. Father Patrick tells her that "He above" protects him. He also shows her the brown tile in the hillside, telling her that the diagram on it must be drawn standing in the middle of it. Again, he advises Lara to stay out of trouble.

If you try to cross the brown tile in front of you, a cut scene will show a horseman appearing from the hillside. He attacks Lara, grabs her, and throws her back to the beginning.

You see the same cut scene every time you cross the brown tile. The horseman never gets bored of throwing you back to where you started, and he does not appear to have a home to go to. So for now, enter the tunnel on your left and follow it to the end. After jumping over the hole (or climbing up if you fell down), you reach a T-junction. Go to the right from here and you will be outdoors again.

The brief cut scene shows you the area around and about. There is a rope, some small creatures below, and finally the camera turns back to you showing an upper ledge on your right.

This is where you have to go using the rope. What make the situation difficult are the small creatures, which will throw rocks at you. Walk to the edge of the deep pit and take a standing jump to grab the rope. Turn around to face the small ledge next to the entrance and press the Sprint button to swing. Jump to the ledge and pick up the Torch. If you are having trouble swinging on the rope and you cannot reach the ledge, see the Rope Tips at the end of the page.

Slide down to the entrance and enter the tunnel again. Continue ahead and then go down to the right. When you reach the T-junction, a flock of bats will attack. You cannot crawl if you are holding the Torch, so run around in any old random way to avoid them. You can throw the Torch away and then duck to pick it up again, but make sure you do not throw it into a hole, or you will NOT be able to get it out of there. Pick up the Small Medipack from the right and then follow the left part of the T-junction to reach a lit torch on the wall. Light your Torch and return back outside.

You need to throw the Torch in the direction of the small creatures. This will distract them and you will be able to move freely around. Walk to the left part of the edge and throw the Torch towards them. Return to the rope and jump and grab it. Turn left; your target is the high ledge on the left with the railings. It is quite difficult to land directly onto this ledge, but you can easily reach the sandy sloped ledge on the right (see this screenshot if you are not sure where to jump) . Face this sandy ledge, swing, and jump onto it. Stand in front of the dark bar on the railings and press Action. Lara will pry it out and use it as a Crowbar.

1st Secret (1-3\ total 25-36) - Slide down to where the small creatures are (use the sandy sloped ledge). Once you are down you will lose the luxury of the Look button, but this is not essential. Crawl through the tunnel and follow it to the end to get the Golden Rose. Return back out.

You need to make your way up again, but be careful not to fall victim to the deep pit. The sloped ledges all around this part may make you fall down, so better maybe to keep the Walk button pressed whenever you are in doubt. Walk to the edge closest to the ledge beneath the entrance and jump across. Then climb up to the entrance. You need to use the rope again, so jump and grab it.

[Note - The next part requires you to use the rope and grab the crevice beneath the ledge you got the Crowbar from. This is quite frustrating and many people have encountered problems grabbing the crevice. If you are having troubles with that, you can use the rope and jump to the part behind the rocks (opposite the entrance). This leads to an area with a Large Medipack, but the way out requires a couple of tricky jumps. If you manage to get out from there, you will not have to deal with the crevice at all. To reach the area behind the rocks, see the Alternative route for the chalk & pickups at the end of the page. To leave that area, follow the instuctions in this page.]

Whilst hanging from the rope, turn left. Your target now is the crevice above the small creatures. In order to grab it, you need to aim in the direction of the V shape that the two sandy ledges above the crevice create (as shown here). It is a very frustrating part of the level. No one made it with the first time, so do not give up!! Swing and jump now, pressing Action to grab the crevice. Pull up and crawl forwards to somersault into a small room. Pick up the Large Medipack and use the Crowbar to pry out the Chalk from the boulder. Return to the crevice.

Before dropping down to where the small creatures are and leaving this area, decide whether or not you want all the pick-ups. There is a Large Medipack you can get if you follow the crevice, but the way back from there requires many tricky jumps. If you are not interested, drop into the area where the small creatures are and follow the Common Route below.

All the pickups - Turn around and hang from the edge of the crevice. Shimmy to the right and hoist yourself up where the crevice is higher than normal. Continue crawling to the right and around the corner until you reach the end of the crevice. Somersault forward or hang off the edge and drop down. Follow the passageway and pick up the Large Medipack. Continue on to reach a small area with some pillars.

Getting out - You have to jump\ pass four pillars in order to return back and the sequence is shown in this page. Having the passage with the Large Medipack to the back of you, you should be able to see a pillar on either side. The left one is taller, but there is a slope in front of it that will help you grab the pillar. Jump up and grab its edge. There is a second taller pillar right behind you. To avoid inadvertently hitting it and messing things up, shimmy to the left-hand corner of the pillar you are hanging from, and tap the right direction key ONCE. Pull up and back flip to the second, taller pillar behind you. Do not let go of Jump. Once you land on the second pillar, you will jump towards a third (even taller) pillar. Still holding the Jump button, press Action and you will jump again to grab the right hand part of a fourth pillar in front of you. (Warning: This particular jump is very tricky. You have to position Lara very carefully from the start, so she can grab the pillar.) Pull up and you will start sliding. Do not let go of the Jump button. Its natural angle leads you back to the crevice. Press Action to grab its edge. Pull up and make your way back to the area with the small creatures.

Common Route - Again, be careful of the deep pit. Press the Walk button to avoid falling down and jump to the ledge beneath the entrance. Climb up into the entrance and make your way back to where you started the level. Stand on the brown tile and press Action to use the Chalk.

The cut scene shows Lara drawing the diagram on the brown tile as Father Patrick told her to. The horseman appears again from the hillside and tries to attack Lara. Father Patrick stops him, but the horseman hits him with his sword, rendering him unconscious. He then places him on his horse and takes him with him.

You are standing in front of a doorway. Go through it and do not back track because there is no reason to, and a flock of bats will attack. Drop through the opening, slide down, and follow the passageway to the end to reach another outdoor area.

The cut scene shows the horseman bursting out of a barn. He still has Father Patrick with him. He says he has been imprisoned in the barn for seven hundred years (the horseman, not poor Patrick). He asks Lara to free him or he will kill Father Patrick. In order to do that, she must block the stream's flow, as apparently demons cannot cross running water.

Barn area - You can see the barn ahead and a small mill to the right. There is a passageway between them. Follow it to reach a river that its current goes to the right because of the waterwheel on the right hand side of the river. Jump to the opposite opening, but do not be afraid if you accidentally fall in the river. The current will not take you to the right, and even if you approach the water wheel, it will not hurt you. Once in the opening, follow it to reach the Mill Area.

Mill area - You can see the big mill ahead that is surrounded by water. On the left hand side from here is an opening that leads to a pool and a dark alcove with a crawlspace that leads to a corridor. Both of them lead to the 2nd Secret. If you follow the opening and jump into the pool, you cannot climb out on the other side because the ledge is too high. If you follow the dark alcove with the crawlspace, you trigger two fires in the corridor beyond. You can get the Large Medipack in front of them, and you will see a Golden Rose beyond the fires. You can get the Rose now and extinguish Lara in the pool next to it, or you can wait until later when you disable those two fires by exploring the mill you saw before.

[Getting the Secret now - If you want you can take the advantage of a bug (at least it works in the PC version) and get the Rose now without getting burnt. For visual guidance, see this page. Enter the opening and drop into the pool. If you reach the other side you will realize that you cannot climb out because the ledge is too high. Stand against the high ledge and make Lara swim either to the left or right, pressing the Walk button as you do so. Now immediately press Action and Up together. Lara will grab the edge. Now you can pull up, drop into the next pool, and climb out to get the Golden Rose. Return to the larger area outside.]

Jump into the water that surrounds the mill and make a mental note of the cage on the riverbed. There is a tunnel on the same side of the moat, but it is a dead end (the wooden grating at the end prevents you from continuing). There is another tunnel on the right hand side of the moat, but you will find only a closed door at the end of it. For now, follow the left-hand side of the moat, swimming almost as far down as you can go.

Trapping the hag - If you do not rush to follow the moat around and to the right, you will see a hag going into an alcove and returning back. You need to go into this alcove because it leads to the mill, but you cannot do it now because of the hag. So, you need to trap it. The hag is guarding a coin that is located among the treasure in front of the alcove. Don't you think that if you get this coin, the hag will chase you around? This is the point. Wait for the hag to enter the alcove and swim towards the treasure to grab the Silver Coin. Even if you can still see part of its body, do not waste time. Immediately swim down to get the Coin, otherwise it will spot you and turn around to attack.

If you do not make it on time, a cut scene will show the hag grabbing Lara's leg. She manages to escape, and after the cut scene, you will need to surface in order to get some air and try again. If you make it on time, continue swimming ahead and upwards, because the hag did not like what you did and it is now chasing you. The current will push you up. Swim to the bottom right and get back to the cage you saw. Stand close to it and press Action.

The cut scene shows Lara throwing the Silver Coin into the cage and leaving. The hag wants the Coin back, so it enters the cage. Lara traps it inside, closing its gate. Then the small creatures from the mill above raise the cage. The hag has now become a dinner for them. (Oops!)

Inside the Mill - Now you can swim freely down to the alcove where the Hag used to guard the coin. Swim to the end and surface. Climb out of the water and follow the passageway to enter the mill. There is a tunnel in the greenish water, but it leads to a closed door. It will get you back later to the moat that surrounds the mill. For now, head up the ramps to the left until you reach a wheel.

The timed door - You need to turn the wheel and open a door on the other (upper) side of the mill. It is difficult to locate the door, but if you stand in front of the wheel, the door will be on the far right on the upper side. You need to turn the wheel three times in order to fully open the door. So, turn it three times, side jump to the left, and start running. Jump at the edge and press Action to grab the horizontal pole, the closer to the middle of it the better. When you grab it, Lara swings around it like a trapeze artist, but because you are in a hurry, release Action to let go of the pole and land on the opposite ledge. Turn right and jump to a ledge next to the door. Run towards the door and crawl past it before it closes (or somersault whilst sprinting, pressing Jump or Duck).

Tips - If your attempt to grab the pole fails miserably, you will end up falling into the pool down below. If this occurs, simply climb out of the pool and head up the ramps to try again. Also, when you are standing in front of the wheel, manipulate the game camera to make it show you the right hand part of Lara (press the Look button and the left direction key). If the camera shows the left part of Lara, you will not be able to see the edge clearly from where you have to jump and grab the horizontal pole. Finally, side-jump after turning the wheel and do not turn left. This is a waste of time.

When you make it, save your game. A flock of bats will attack now. Crouch in a corner until they leave. Do not slide down, or you will have to make the timed running again!! Walk to the edge of the slide (pressing the Walk button) and jump up to grab the ledge above. Pull up and turn around. Jump and grab the switch on the wall.

The cut scene shows the closed door opening that leads back to the water, and the current slowing down back in to the Barn area.

Slide down and drop into the pool. Follow the tunnel back to the moat and swim to the front side of it. Climb out of the water from the low ledge in the right hand corner, assuming you have the mill to the back of you, or follow the tunnel in front of the mill and climb out that way.

2nd Secret (2-3\ total: 26-36) - Before leaving the Mill area, enter the dark alcove on the right and crawl through the opening. The fires will be deactivated now. Pick up the Large Medipack if you did not already do so, and pick up the Golden Rose at the end of the hallway. Make your way back the same way you came or jump into and climb out of the next two pools.

3rd Secret (3-3\ total: 27-36) - Leave and head back to the Barn area courtesy of the opening you first came through. Drop into the river and swim to the right. The current is still strong, but you can swim against it. Once you turn the corner on the left, you will be able to swim more freely. Enter the tunnel on the right and climb out at the end to get the Golden Rose. If you are having troubles swimming against the current, you can enter the water from the other side of the barn and swim all the way around to the right. The tunnel with the Secret will then be on your left.

Heading at the top of the Barn - Jump into the water again and continue to the right. When you are able to surface, look for the opening on your right. Climb onto it and then into the crawlspace above. Crawl to the end and somersault to the left. Again, crawl around to the left and climb onto the ledge on your right.

Jumping on the Barn - You are standing on a hillside overlooking the Barn and the mill. Turn left and take a running jump to the flat ledge. Turn to face the roof of the Barn and look for the flat part of the roof. Take a running jump to the flat part and a standing\ running jump to the extended roof. Continue forward and take a running jump to the next flat part. From here, you have to jump on the roof of the mill. Stand at the front left corner and aim for the corner of the flat ledge of the mill roof. Take a running jump without pressing Action, or Lara will not make it. Crawl forward to the opening and somersault or crawl backwards, pressing Action to hang. Turn the gear in the mill.

(Note - Many people have mentioned that they struggle to get through this opening. If that is the case for you, start crawling forward or backwards away from the opening.)

The cut scene shows the waterwheel stopping, thus causing the water flow to cease. The horseman bursts out of the barn again, telling Father Patrick that his child did a good job. He is free again, but when he takes stock of Lara's presence, he walks towards her with his sword raised. Father Patrick tells her to read the names from the book she found in the library. Lara starts reading the names, but before saying the correct one, the horseman is ready to attack her. Father Patrick stops him from behind and Lara finally reads the correct name; Verdilet. The horseman freezes. Father Patrick explains to Lara that if you name a demon, you have power over it, and she managed just that. The horseman disappears and Lara and Father Patrick leave triumphant.

Rope Tips - Always make sure that you swing whilst being at the bottom of the rope. This will give you more momentum. If you grab the rope and you need to turn in order to swing towards your next target, climb to the top of the rope to stop it moving, and then slide down to the bottom. Press the Sprint button to swing, and wait for Lara to grab the rope with her legs. When you see her at the back of your screen (close to you), press the Sprint button again and Lara will gain a higher momentum. The timing is perfect. When you see her swinging to the opposite side (away from you), and whilst being at the highest point, press the Jump button to leap from the rope. Note though that in some systems, you have to press the opposite direction key in order to make Lara turn, that is, press the left arrow key to make her turn right, and the right arrow key to make her turn left.

Alternative route for the chalk & pickups - You can get the extra Medipack and the Chalk in one run only. From the starting ledge (below the entrance), and after you have thrown the lit Torch at the small creatures, do a running jump to grab the rope. Swing directly opposite from the entrance to where the white pillars are. Get the Large Medipack from the green passageway and then do the jumps described in the walkthrough in order to grab the crevice on the right. Crawl through the small passage, and when the ceiling gets too low, turn your back to the valley and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left and you will reach a climbable spot above. Climb up and follow the passageway. Then somersault down the hole. Get the Chalk out with your Crowbar, grab the Large Medipack, and come back out where the small creatures are.


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We would like to thank TR-Player and Nicky for their help. Many parts of this walkthrough would not have been written without their participation. Special thanks go to Scottlee for proofing the text.

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