Tomb Raider Comics

(Special thanks to Mona Sax, who provided the text and images.)

Lara Croft made her entrance into the comic book world in December 1997 in the first of Michael Turner’s Tomb Raider/ Witchblade crossovers. The book was an instant success, riding the wave of success of both the Tomb Raider games as well as Top Cow Productions’ flagship title Witchblade. When the sequel was welcomed just as warmly by the readers exactly one year later, Top Cow decided to give it a shot and launched the Tomb Raider Series in 2000, which lasted for 50 issues until its run came to an end in March 2005. Just like Tomb Raider/ Witchblade, it proved to be a smash hit when Tomb Raider #1 was the best-selling comic book of the year.

In 2001, Top Cow started a second series starring Lara, Tomb Raider: Journeys. This 12-part mini-series focuses more on the supernatural aspects of the life as a treasure hunter than the main series.

Additionally, a large number of standalone one-shots and further crossovers, most of which including Witchblade's Sara Pezzini, plus several trade paperbacks collecting issues from the main series have seen the light of day, making the Tomb Raider comic books a crucial pillar in Top Cow’s lineup.

Top Cow plans to restart their monthly Tomb Raider Series in a second volume in summer 2007.

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