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Tomb Raider I and II - Music will not play on Sold Out version.

Tomb Raider sometimes does not contain valid audio tracks and the game loses a lot of its atmosphere as a result. However, this situation can be rectified if have a CD-RW drive by burning a new CD with valid audio tracks.

» Replace CD-ROM Audio
Download the audio tracks from Tomb Raider Chronicles and burn your own replacement CD-ROM. See next section for details.

» Audio Pack (Download - Freeware, but requires Glidos $10)
Supplied by GLIDOS, this audio pack brings the PlayStation Audio to the PC. When the original Play Station version of Tomb Raider was ported over to the PC platform, it was such a shame that so much of Nathan McCree's haunting music was lost. This method will, when complete, provide an alternative solution for the corrupted audio tracks. GLIDOS v1.33 or later required.


How to check the Tomb Raider CD

TR1 and TR2 CD-ROMs are both mixed-mode Data + Audio CD format. Place your CD into the drive and exit any Autorun menu. Now start Microsoft Media Player or Real Player and select the CD-ROM drive. You should see and be able to play 9 audio tracks for TR1 and 60 tracks for TR2. You know you have a problem if either you cannot see the tracks or the tracks are silent (Visulisation doesn't move during play). Alternatively, you can place the TR CD in a standard CD player to listen to the sound tracks. If they don't play you will need to create a replacement CD.


How to create a replacement CD-ROM

There are two methods that can be used:

A. Create a single replacement CD-ROM
B. Create a Audio CD

A. Create a single replacement CD-ROM (requires the ability to burn a mixed-mode session)

This method will create a complete replacement CD with working audio. (Examples can be found below, using Nero and Roxio CD Creator.)

1. Download and unzip the audio tracks into a folder on your hard drive
2. Copy the content of the TR1 or TR2 CD into another folder on your hard drive.
3. Start your CD burning software package and select to burn a multi-mode CD.
4. Copy the TR1 audio files 2 -10* or TR2 audio files 2-61* to the audio section of the project.**
5. Copy the TR1 or TR2 Data files to the data section of the project.
6. Burn the CD.

* Audio Track 1 is a dummy track only for use in method B.
** The tracks must be ordered numerically otherwise the tracks will be played out of sequence.

B. Create a Audio CD (requires 2 CD-ROM drives)

Use this method if you do not have Mixed-mode burning software.

1. Download and unzip the audio tracks into a folder on your hard drive.
2. Open Microsoft Media Player and create a Playlist of TR1 audio tracks 1-10* or TR2 audio tracks 1-61*.
3. Select Copy to CD to burn an audio CD.
4. Place the Audio CD in the first drive and TR1 CD into the second drive. The Audio will automatically play at the correct points in the game.

* Track 1 is a dummy track that would normally be the Data files.



How to Burn with Ahead Nero


How to Burn with Roxio CD Creator



Tomb Raider 2 Audio Fix produced by PaulD (Download - Freeware, obviously needs the original TR2 CD to copy data)
This solution is now a part of the Multipatcher also.

Installation instructions:

1. Download and unzip the package into a folder on your hard drive (e.g. X:\Games\)
2. Copy the content of the Data folder from TR2 CD into Data folder of the patched version (e.g. X:\Games\TombRaider2\Data).
3. Copy the content of the FMV folder from TR2 CD into FMV folder of the patched version (e.g. X:\Games\TombRaider2\FMV).
4. Don't change the content of Audio folder of patched version.
5. To configure TR2 game options (video, sound, etc) run tomb2.setup.cmd file (e.g. X:\Games\TombRaider2\tomb2.setup.cmd)
6. To run TR2 patched version run tomb2.exe file (e.g. X:\Games\TombRaider2\tomb2.exe) or create a shortcut on your desktop.



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