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Basic Moves




Move forwards

Up arrow

Lara is moving forwards at a running pace.

Hop backwards

Down arrow

Lara hop backwards (short distance).

Turn right

Right arrow

Lara turns right.

Turn left

Left arrow

Lara turns left..


PC: End
MAC: Backslash (\)
PS: Circle

Lara makes a forward dive and finishes up facing the opposite direction. This also works when Lara is underwater. Alternatively, you can press the Up and Down Cursor Keys simultaneously.

Duck\ Zoom out

PC& MAC: Fullstop
PS: L2

Press the Duck button to crouch. Whilst holding down Duck, press the direction keys to crawl. When you are in a crawlspace, you can release Duck and move Lara only by using the direction keys. You can also use this key to zoom out whilst using the Binoculars or LaserSight.

Sprint\ Zoom in

PC& MAC: Forward Slash (/)
PS: R2

Whilst moving forward, press the Sprint button to gain extra speed. You cannot sprint forever. The sprint bar appears at the upper right of your screen, which indicates how much energy Lara left. You can also use this key to zoom in whilst using the Binoculars or LaserSight.

Draw\ Light Flare

PC & MAC: Comma (,)
PS: Select + R1

Lara draws a Flare. Press again to throw it forwards. Lara drops a Flare down by pressing the Draw Weapon Key. She can even pick it up from the ground (when it is still lit), by standing above it and pressing Action.

Draw\ Holster weapon

PC & MAC: Space Bar
PS: Triangle

Lara draws the latest weapon she used. Press again to holster.

Jump\ Swim

PC: Alt
MAC: Command or Apple
PS: Square

Pressing the Jump button, Lara jumps straight up. Pressing a direction key immediately after pressing Jump, Lara will jump in that direction. Whilst surfacing, press Jump and Lara will dive. Keep pressing the Jump button and she will swim. Press the direction keys to steer.


PC & MAC: Ctrl

Lara picks up an object, grabs a ledge a pole or a rope, climbs up a block or a ledge, climbs out of the water, catches onto a climbable wall or ceiling, uses switches and levers, places puzzle items to their receptacles, steps onto a tightrope, pushes\ pulls movable objects, fires whilst holding the gun. Whilst hanging from a wall or ledge, Lara can shimmy around the corners (if there is any).

Walk\ Swim sideways

PC & MAC: Shift
PS: R1

Whilst holding down Walk, press Up or Down to walk forwards or backwards. By using this move, you avoid falling off any edge. If you walk up to an edge, Lara will stop. Press Walk along with the left or right direction keys to side-step.

To swim sideways, press Walk and the right or left direction key whilst surfacing.

Side-step right

PC & MAC: PageDown
PS: R2

Lara side-steps right. She also swims sideways whilst surfacing.

Side-step left

PC & MAC: Delete
PS: L2

Lara side-steps left. She also swims sideways whilst surfacing.

Look\ Change Targets

PC & MAC: Keypad 0
PS: L1

Whilst pressing Look, press the direction keys to look around. You can also use the Look button in order to bring the camera back to Lara, if the camera shows something else and the game allows that and has not locked the camera.

Also, press and hold to use the scope of the LaserSight (when Lara holds a gun with the LaserSight attached).

There are two kinds of Targeting: Automatic and Manual. The Automatic Targeting is exactly the same with the old style. If Lara holds her weapons and an enemy appears, Lara will auto-aim at him. If there are more than one enemy around, tap the Look button to change the targets.

If you have enabled the Manual Targeting, Lara will not auto-aim if an enemy is around. To do that, you have to tap the Look button and Lara will aim at him (lock the target). If there are more than one enemy, Lara will aim at the closest. Tap the Look button to change the targets. If the enemy Lara aims at leaves and she loses the aiming, she will not aim at him automatically once he re-appears. You need to tap the Look button again in order to re-lock the target.

Combined Moves




Swan dive

Walk + Jump + Up

Walk up to an edge and hold down Walk. Then press Jump and Up together. Lara can also perform the swan dive whilst running. To do that, whilst running press Jump and Walk.

Swan dive with somersault

Walk + Jump + Up + Roll

Whilst holding down Walk, press Jump and Up together to perform the swan dive. As Lara falls down, press the Roll button. This requires to have enough room below.


Action + Walk + Up

Whilst hanging from a ledge, press Walk and Up together.

Twisted jump

Jump + Up or Down + Roll

Press Jump + Up \ Down. Once you take off, immediately press Roll or the opposite direction key. Lara will jump either forwards or backwards, twisting in midair.


Up + Sprint + Crouch

Whilst sprinting, press the Crouch button. Alternatetively, whilst spinting, release the Up arrow.

Sprint with somersault at the end

Up + Sprint + Jump

Whilst sprinting, press Jump. Lara will perform a low somersault.

Crouch after sprinting

Up + Sprint + Crouch

Whilst sprinting, press Crouch. Lara will perform a low somersault, crouching at the end.

Somersault after crouching

Duck + Up + Jump

Whilst crouching and when Lara reaches an edge (not necessarily into a crawlspace), press Jump to jump off the edge performing a somersault at the same time.

Walk on a tightrope

Action + Direction keys

It is not a combined move, but it is a new one. To tightrope, stand in front of the rope and press Action. Lara will start walking on the rope. Press Forward to keep moving. If you stop, Lara will stay on the spot, trying to balance. If she loses her balance, press the opposite direction key to correct. Lara may lose her balance whilst walking, so keep your eyes open. Press Down or Roll if you want Lara turn around and walk to the opposite direction.

Parallel Bars

Jump + Action

You will meet some parallel Bars throughout the game. You always need to jump towards them pressing Action at the same time to grab them. Hold down Action to make Lara spin on the bar, and release to let go.


To enter the inventory, press Esc whilst playing the game. Unlinke to the previous games, there are no Ring Menus.

The available options are: Save Game and Load Game. You can also see all the items you carry, including the puzzle items and the Timex-TMX (Statistics).


Press the P button to Pause the game. The available options are:


Here you can see your statitics.


Here you can change the Control Configuration, set up the sound and toggle between Manual or Automatic aim.

Exit to Tiltle

It does what you might think.

Shortcut Keys (PC version)


Use Large Medi Pack


Use Small Medi Pack


Quick Save game


Quick Load game


Increase Screen resolution


Decrease Screen resolution

ALT & Enter

Switch between full screen and windowed mode

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