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This page has been created in order to help you out with five bosses in this game. If you have any detailed questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to contact us.

The text has been written by Nicky.

Brother Obscura

(The Hall Of Seasons)

Once the cut scene ends, you find yourself locked in the spooky attic. As the imposing music starts to play, you come face to face with a creepy red ghost (the infamous Brother Obscura), which starts floating about, wanting to protect its precious painting by all means. It has every right to do that, but we need that painting, so we have to snatch it.

Brother Obscura is lethal (if he touches you, he will injure you severely) and, being a ghost, he can't be killed. He has a weakness, however: if he gets shot at a certain amount of times, he will freeze for a few seconds, giving us the chance to complete our mission.

If you look carefully around, you will spot the painting in question surrounded by a blue light and sitting on the hands of one of the statues that guard the coffin. If you go very close to the statue holding the painting, you will notice that the blue light will disappear from its hands before you have the chance to get it, and magically appear on the hands of another statue. You have to make sure that the blue light stays fixed on the hands of one statue, so that you can be able to grab it at just the right moment.

As soon as the cutscene ends, locate the statue that holds the blue light/painting.

Immediately duck. If you want, crawl around the room in order to collect the pickups (you will also find a Shotgun lying about), but be careful not to approach the statues much while doing that. Still crawling, approach the statue that holds the blue light, but don't get too close. This is a good place to start with:

As you see in the pic, Lara is just opposite the statue with the blue light. She needs only one simple run or a jump so as to get to it.

Once you find your ideal spot, draw your Shotgun, but don't stand up. The ghost will be floating above you, but if you stay remain in the duck position, it won't harm you at all. It will be floating back and forth; so everytime it floats in front of you, don't waste time and shoot at it. You have to blast the ghost about 21 to 23 times with your Shotgun[*] in order to stun it. The number of bullets may vary slightly, depending on the distance from where you shoot it (ie, if you shoot it while it's still far away, some bullets may not get it, so you may need to shoot it more times), but it's approximately 21 to 23 bullets that you need to spare. So as soon as you start shooting, start counting the bullets you fire.

When you have shot the 18th or 19th bullet, save your game[**]. Then go on shooting, so as to see exactly how many more shots you need to fire until you make the ghost freeze. Do you need two more shots? Three? Four? Experiment a bit and make sure you remember the accurate number of shots. You may need to reload a couple of times, so as to be absolutely certain. When you have settled upon the number of the remaining shots you have to fire, reload the game again and fire exactly that number of bullets.

As soon as you fire the last one, holster your Shotgun and immediately stand up (don't stand up before holstering the gun, because if you do, Lara will start moving about chasing the ghost and aiming at it; you will miss your spot and all your effort will be wasted). Even if the ghost hasn't totally frozen yet, it will do that soon, assuming that you counted your shots right. Normally, it should be freezing as you are standing up.

You don't have time to waste, so run / jump straight to the statue with the blue light. Since the ghost is frozen, you should see the hand icon on bottom right of your screen as you approach the hands of the statue. Immediately press Action: Lara will grab the blue light and the Obscura Painting will appear in your inventory.

The frozen ghost should be waking now, so you'd better run away. The door that was locked before is open now, so run through and ignore the ghost which will be following you, because as soon as you get out in the corridor, it won't bother any more with you and will return to its den.

FOOTNOTES[*] You can use other weapons as well, but the number of bullet shots will vary because each gun has different fire power. If you want to use other guns, you can still follow the method described above. Just save your game at the right moment and practice a bit to find how many bullet shots you need to fire with your weapon of choice. Then reload and follow the same steps.

[**] When you want to save the game, you will have t release the buttons you are holding down, so as to escape to the game menu. If you do this, and assuming that Lara is ducking and holding her Shotgun, once you release the keys, she will immediately stand up and start moving in circles chasing the ghost. To avoid this, before you save the game, holster the shotgun. Lara will stand up as soon as you release Duck, but she won't move. Then duck again and draw the Shotgun to move on with the shootings.

The Proto

(Maximum Containment Area)

Defeating the Proto is a quite easy process, and if you are lucky you can even make it without suffering any injuries at all.

As soon as you open the final door in MCA and go through it, draw your gun before going down the steps. This way, after the cutscene ends, you will still be holding it and gain precious seconds, as the Proto will be already at your feet and ready to attack.

Shoot the little beast while stepping backwards, and when it gets too close, jump over it; Kurtis will turn around on his own to aim at it again (in the unlikely case that he doesn't turn, make him roll or turn him around yourself) so keep shooting.

After a while, you will see that Kurtis won't be aiming at it anymore; this is because the Proto is about to leave and go hide up in the ducts. The Proto will go up the tubes and disappear in the ducts - but in a few seconds, it will get back down to you. Once it's on the ground, shoot it a few times again, and it will drop down senseless (1st time). Don't let it fool you though because it's not dead yet, it's just playing possum. Soon it will wake up, so shoot it until it runs away to go hide up in the ducts again. When it returns back to you, shoot it a few times until it drops down again (2nd time) - by now you know you can't trust it so move away and wait for it to wake up.

Once it does, shoot it until it goes up the ducts. Again it will return back down after a little while, so be ready and shoot it until it falls once more (3rd time). And yes, this time too it's a fake death. Wait for it to wake up and shoot it again, until it drops down again (4th time). But this time there won't be any repetition of the same play: approach the senseless body of the Proto and watch Kurtis stabbing it with the Periapt Shard.


(Boaz Returns)

Despite the illusive image in the loading screen of the level, you won't be able to use the Chirugai to battle Boaz.

If you have watched the cutscene during the last part of Bio-Research Facility, you should have seen what happened to poor Kristina Boaz: after Eckhardt's order, Dr Mueller brought down a pod that ate her up. Now you see in front of you the result of all this: Boaz mutated in a hideous creature which could have very well been a spider or a fly if it was a lot smaller.

The fight is split in two rounds.

First Round

You start off with a few bullets in your gun; every time you empty it completely, new ammo appears at the lighter corner of the room, so have this in mind and don't forget to check the bullets in your gun as you shoot, so as to know when it's time to go and pick up the respawned ammo.

First of all, don't get intimidated by her size - she may be huge, but doesn't move too fast. If you manage to keep away from her from the start, you shouldn't have serious problems later. As soon as the level starts, draw your Boran X. Boaz will be charging towards you, so when you see Kurtis aiming at her, shoot her at her human face approximately four times (if you think she's getting too close to you, backflip once or twice to keep distances). After you shoot her approximately four times, she should open the four flaps on her back, and a disgusting green goo will start spilling out of them. Now, this goo isn't exactly lethal per se, but if it falls on Kurtis, it will make him drop down and you will lose many precious seconds while getting him back to his feet again. Moreover, standing on the spat goo may be dangerous for Kurtis's health. From time to time and while her pods are still open, Boaz spits toxic green liquid from her mutant mouth. Not to mention that she can bite Kurtis with her teeth and stinghim with her legs, so be cautious as you move around her.

Your task is to destroy the four flaps on her back - once you achieve this, she will become mortal.

As soon as she opens her flaps, immediately sidejump to either side two or three times and then, without haste, run towards her side. The closer you are to the flaps, the better for you, as the flowing goo forms an arch over you so it's difficult to get to you, and besides this way Kurtis will be able to aim his target better and faster. You will see Kurtis aiming at the front pod, so shoot it. A few bullets are enough to destroy it. Don't waste time, because Boaz is about to close her flaps again.

When she does so, shoot her in the face again. She will open her flaps one more time, so this time sidejump to the other side and repeat the same process to destroy the other front flap. When you have achieved that, half your work is done.

Have in mind however that if you are fast enough, you can take advantage of the fact that Kurtis autoaims the two front pods and shoot them off together, before Boaz closes her flaps for the first time.

The hard part begins now, though, because Kurtis doesn't aim automatically the two back flaps. You have to do this manually, and it requires all your attention and alertness.

Boaz should have closed her flaps again, so shoot her in the face like before, to make her open the two remaining ones. Sidejump to one side and approach the one of the non shattered flaps. Kurtis will aim at the already destroyed flap, so when you see him doing that, press the ROLL key [this is END for PC players and SQUARE for PS2 players] to make him change target. Press the key briefly once and wait to see if he switched targets. He may not do it with your first attempt, in which case you will have to press the key briefly again. By all means, don't keep pressing the key in panic, because you won't be able to notice if and when he changes targets. When he does, his movement is going to be very brief and short, so keep your eyes on his hand and gun and hopefully you won't miss it.

Once he targets the back pod, shoot it a few times and it will be shattered.

Repeat the same process for the last back pod. When all pods are destroyed, the first round of the battle will end.

Second Round

Now Boaz has transformed into a fly, and it's quite easy for you to finish her off. When the cutscene ends, draw your gun and start shooting. If you have enough bullets left (so that you won't have to run and pick up extra ammo), and keep shooting at her continuously, she wil remain immobile in the air receiving the lead without even attempting to approach you, and you won't have to even move a single bit. See this screenshot:

You can keep her at a distance while shooting at her, until she drops dead.

If you are not fast enough or if your gun empties while shooting at her and you have to run to the corner and pick new ammo, Boaz will most probably take this chance to attack you by directing energy bolts towards you, so be careful. In any event, this second round will end soon, followed by a dramatic cutscene.


(Eckhardt's Lab)

And here you are at last, face to face with the very bad guy, Eckhardt. As soon as the final part of the level begins, he will start throwing bolts of energy or fire at you from his powerful glove. By all means stay away from those bolts, as not only they can hurt you badly, but they are able to throw you down and push you away, making you lose both time and health.

Instead of using ammunition on him, it's better to take advantage of your spying and commando skills and teach the baddie a lesson he'll never forget. Duck and commando crawl [to commando crawl, press Duck + Stealth, then release Stealth and keep pressing Duck and the Up direction arrow/Forward] to almost the middle of the bigger circle, where there is a smaller one. Eckhardt will be moving around the perimeter of the bigger circle, but won't step on it nor will he be chasing you, so you are safe there.

Stay in the commando crawl position and turn slowly around as to follow Eckhardt while he moves around the circle.

After a while, he will fall in some sort of ecstasy, and create a glowing clone of himself. Just stay where you are and watch him as he will get to another part of the circle's perimeter and will create one more glowing clone. Again watch him fly over to another part of the room and create a third glowing clone.

Now - commando crawl backwards a tad, because the three clones will leave their spots and they will charge towards the smaller circle in the middle of the bigger one, where they will untite and form a cloned Eckhardt. If you stay approximately where this screenshot shows, you won't have troubles:

During the process of the union and the forming of the new Eckhardt, be careful of the bolts of energy or fire that will be emitted from their bodies: wait for the bolts to die down (don't stand up while they are emitted, because they will push you away), and then run towards the newly formed Eckhardt, making sure you are approaching him from the back or the side. If he is still bent, press Action to kick him. If you do it in time, a cutscene will play, showing Lara stabbing him with one Periapt Shard. If no cutscene starts and Eckhardt just flies away from you, it means that you were too late in approaching him, so you will have to do the whole process from the start (or reload a savegame if you have one).

Once you succeed the first time and get the cutscene with the stabbing, you will have to repeat the above process one more time. Again, if you manage to kick the second new Eckhardt in time, one more cutscene will play showing Lara stabbing Eckhardt with the second Periapt Shard.

Repeat the above steps for a third time, and kick Ekchardt one more time to trigger another cutscene.


(Eckhardt's Lab)

In the cutscene, Karel appears out of nowhere (or so it seems) to take care of the matter himself. When the cutscene ends, Eckhardt is dead but Lara has a new trouble to deal with.

Pick up Eckhardt's glove and quickly use it on one of the columns to lower the ladders around. Karel (your new trouble) will be already hovering above, surrounded by a green light and throwing powerful energy bolts at you.

You can't attack Karel and you can't kill him directly; you have to reach the upper section of the room and stick Eckhardt's glove on the hanging body of the Sleeper in order to destroy him. So your mission in this final part is to make your way up while doing your best to evade his bolts.

Climb any of the ladders to reach the first level balcony. Once up there, run around and climb one more ladder to get to the second level balcony. Running in zig zags can be quite effective, as Karel's bolts are less likely to get you this way. Run around again and find the ladder leading to the top balcony. Run around a bit to find the extending platform and jump towards the hanging body of the Sleeper.

Watch the cutscene that follows to witness, among other things, the end of Karel.
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