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Note for the PS2 players: The Manual says that you can re-assign the buttons. This option was removed from the final release.

Basic Moves




Move forwards\ somersault after crouching

Up arrow

Lara is moving forwards at a running pace. Also, press Up when you reach the end of a crawlspace and Lara has to drop down, because you cannot crawl backwards and drop.

Step backwards

Down arrow

Lara takes steps backwards.

Turn right

Right arrow\ move mouse clockwise

Lara turns right.

Turn left

Left arrow\ move mouse anti-clockwise

Lara turns left..

On the PS2 use the left analog stick for the direction to run.

Roll\ Roll off an edge\ Change targets

PC: End
PS2: Square

Lara makes a forward dive and finishes up facing the opposite direction. This also works when Lara is underwater.

If you walk up to an edge and press Roll, Lara will roll off the edge.

Press the Roll button while holding your gun and aiming at an enemy to change targets.


PC: Keypad 1
PS2: Triangle

Press the Duck button to crouch. Whilst holding down Duck, press the direction keys to crawl. When you are in a crawlspace, you can release Duck and move Lara only by using the direction keys. Once you exit the crawlspace, Lara will automatically stand up (assuming you do not press the Duck button).

Press Duck when Lara looks through a monitor to return to normal view.

Press Duck when Lara is hanging from a rope or horizontal pipe to tuck her legs up. Keep it down for as long as needed, then release.

Sprint\ Look

PC& MAC: Keypad 0
PS2: R2

Whilst moving forwards, press the Sprint button to gain extra speed. Unlike to previous games, there is no a sprint bar, which means that you can sprint for as much as you like. Note though that Lara gains the ability to sprint later in the game (level: Galleries Under Siege).

In order to look around, you have to be still. Whilst pressing Look, press the direction keys to look around. You can also use the Look button in order to bring the camera back to Lara, if the camera shows something else and the game allows that and has not locked the camera.

Draw\ Holster weapon

PC: Space Bar
PS2: R1

Lara draws the latest weapon she used. Press again to holster.

Weapon cycle up

PC: Page Up

Press this button to change the weapon, without having to enter your inventory. This happens whether you hold the weapon or not.

Weapon cycle down

PC: Page Down

Press this button to change the weapon, without having to enter your inventory. This happens whether you hold the weapon or not.

Note: The Weapons Cycle Up and Down do not change the appearance of the weapons based on the order they appear in the inventory.

Jump\ Swim

PC: Alt or right click on mouse
PS2: Circle

Pressing the Jump button, Lara jumps straight up. Pressing a direction key or the left analog stick immediately after pressing Jump, Lara will jump in that direction. Whilst surfacing, press Jump and Lara will dive. Keep pressing the Jump button and she will swim. Press the direction keys to steer.

Action\ Dive\ Hang\ Fight\ Hug wall

PC: Ctrl or left click on mouse

Lara interacts with another character, picks up an object, grabs a ledge, climbs up a block or a ledge, climbs out of the water, catches onto a climbable wall or ceiling, uses switches and levers, places puzzle items to their receptacles, pushes\ pulls movable objects, fires whilst holding the gun. Whilst hanging from a wall or ledge, Lara can shimmy around the corners (if there is any).

Walk up to an edge just above the water and press Action to dive.

Walk up to an edge and press Action. Lara will turn around, drop and hang. If the edge is to your back, Lara will drop and hang.

Use Action to fight hand-to-hand. Tap once to punch, twice for one-two punch and firmly to kick.

Whilst being in Stealth mode (see Stealth below) and have approached a wall, press Action to hug it.

Walk\ Swim sideways

PC: Shift
PS: L 1

Whilst holding down Walk, press Up, Left or Right (or use the left analog stick) to walk forwards or side-step. To step backwards you only need to press Down, without Walk. Alternatively, you can tap Walk and enter the Walk mode. A walk icon appears at the bottom right of your screen. To return back to normal, tap the Walk button again. By using this move, you avoid falling off any edge. If you walk up to an edge, Lara will stop.

To swim sideways, press Walk and the right or left direction key whilst surfacing.


PC: Enter
PS2: L2

Press Stealth to enter the stealth mode. Lara will move slowly and become undetectable by the enemies. Press Stealth again to return to normal mode. (For details, see the Combined moves exactly below.)

Combined Moves





Walk + Jump + Up

Whilst holding down Walk, press Jump and Lara will hop to the direction she is facing .

Note: This move is quite tricky. Lara hops to the direction of the last command. If the last cursor key you pressed was the right one, Lara will hop to the right. To avoid this, press the down or up cursor key slightly in order to hop forwards.

Swan dive

Jump + Look + Up

Walk up to an edge and press Jump and Look and Up together. Lara can also perform the swan dive whilst running. To do that, whilst running press Jump and immediately press Look. Avoid pressing Jump and Look together or you may perform the "Matrix" jump, which is activated by the same combination (see below for the "Matrix" jump).


Action + Walk + Up

Whilst hanging from a ledge, press Walk and Up together.

Somersault after crouching

Duck + Up

Whilst crouching and when Lara reaches an edge (not necessarily into a crawlspace), press Up to jump off the edge performing a somersault at the same time.

Back-flip & grab

Walk + Action

With an edge to your back, press Walk and Action at the same time.

Release edge with a turnaround

Action + Look + Jump

Whilst hanging from an edge, press Look and Jump at the same time. Lara will release, turning around at the same time.

"Matrix" jump

Up + Sprint + Jump

Whilst sprinting, press Jump. You can also perfrom the "Matrix" jump while running. To do that, whilst running press Sprint and Jump together. Because the Swan dive is activated by the same combination of keys, you may have to press Sprint and after fractions of second press Jump.

"Commando" crawl

Duck + Stealth + Up

Whilst crawling, press Stealth. Lara will fall prone. Press the direction keys to move her around. This move will allow you pass beneath low obstacles (like the lasers in Von Croy's Apartment).

Moving stealthily


It is not a comined move, but it is not a simple one. Press Stealth to enter the Stealth mode. Lara can sneakily walk behind an enemy and break his neck by pressing Action. The enemy must be still and must have not realized Lara at all.

Whilst in Stealth mode, Lara can hug a wall and peer around a corner. To do that, press Stealth and approach a wall. Whilst in Stealth mode, press Action to hug it. Press left and right to move Lara. You need to press the opposite direction from where Lara is facing. When she reaches the corner, she will peer around. If you want to "un-hug" the wall but remain in Stealth mode, press Action. To return back to mormal mode, press Stealth.

Lara cannot hold a gun while in Stealth mode. If you draw a gun, she will return to the normal mode. If you hold a gun and press Stealth she will holster the gun.


To pause whilst playing the game, press Esc (PC) or Start (PS2).

The available options are: Load Game, Save Game, Options and Exit Game.

The PC players can re-assign the buttons through Options (the PS2 players cannot do that).

The PS2 players also have the option of turning on\ off the subtitles (the PC players cannot do that).


Whilst playing the game, press TAB (PC) or Select (PS2). For the pick-ups, the inventory is divided into three groups: Health, Weapons and Items. There is also Werner's Notebook and the option to Exit.


The health items that Lara can find throughout the game: Chocolate Bar (10% health restore), Health Pills (20%), Health Bandages (40&), Small Medipack (60%) and Large Health Pack (100%).


This menu displays the weapons you carry. You can aslo see the amount of ammo.


Here you can see the puzzle items (pass cards, keys), the various items that Lara finds on the streets and the ones that are necessary to open a door or break a padlock (Crowbar and Hammer).

Werner's Notebook

Lara gets the Notebook from Madam Carvier. There are various notes from Werner, but new ones will be added as you go in the game. When a new note is added, the Notebook icon appears at the bottom right of your screen.

Various Notes

Strength Upgrades

A new ability has been added: Lara gains upgrades throughout the game. There two kinds: in arms and legs.

You will reach points where Lara cannot open a door (she says something like "It won't open"). In that case, she needs to get an upgrade in her arms. She can do that by pushing an object, using the Crowbar, opening a door pushing with her shoulder etc.

The same stands for the legs. She will not be able to kick open a door because she is not strong enough. In that case, she needs to get an upgrade in leg strength by kicking something else.

Your strength whilst hanging

Even if you have got an upgrade, you cannot hang\ traverse for ever. A strength bar appears at the upper left of your screen when you hang from a ledge, which indicates how much strength Lara left.

Grabbing (the lack of the Action key)

The things are easier now. Lara grabs the ledges, ladders and drain pipes automatically. If you want to grab a ladder or a pipe, just move towards it and Lara will grab it. You do not need to keep pressing Action whilst climbing. Press it if you want to release. The same happens when you want to climb on a low block or vault over the railing. Just stand against the obstacle and press the forward key to climb or vault over. If Lara is standing beneath a ledge, press Jump and Lara will grab it automatically. Again, you do not need to keep pressing Action, unless you want to release.

Important: Lara does not automatically grab a climbable surface or a ledge when you jump towards it. If you stand at an edge and you need to jump in order to grab a wall or a ledge opposite, you MUST press Action, or Lara will bump on the wall and fall on the ground or miss the grab of the ledge.

Another helpful thing is the automatic grab if you step off an edge. If you run and accidentally fall down, Lara will automatically grab the edge [and save you ;-) ]

If you stand beneath a wire or a cable, press Jump and Lara will grab it automatically. If whilst traversing an objects blocks your way, press Duck to pull Lara's legs up. Whilst pressing Duck, press forward to continue traversing.

Hand Icon

The Hand Icon appears when Lara is standing next to an object she can use. This can be a lever, a switch, a movable object etc. It also appears when you stand above a pick-up. So, do not try to do anything with an object if the Hand Icon does not appear when you stand next to it.


They glow. That way you cannot miss them. So, do not try to pick up something if it does not glow.

Different Engine\ no blocks and squares

AOD was made with a brand new engine. There are no blocks and squares, so it is quite difficult to set up a running jump. Forget about the "corner bugs" and areas that Lara can reach "at the top".

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