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With just an easy to use program and (if required) a Photoshop Plug-In, you can edit Lara's outfits and create a variation of an existed outfit or a new one from scratch. You cannot stop here, as you can also edit Lara's face and gear. Lastly, you can modify a level's textures and create a new place for Lara to raid.

The game uses different files for the Normal and Next Generation graphics. The changes you make will affect the Normal graphics. For the Next Generation graphics you often change 3 files and it is more complicated. However, if your PC can run Next Generation graphics, it is easier to preview. The outfits that appear in the preview window (i.e. when you go to Lara's wardrobe and preview the outfit before selecting it) use different files from the ones you see in the game. The changes you make will usually affect only the outfit in the game and not in the preview window. For the latter you will have to edit more files. But do not get confused now. Once you create a couple of outfits, you will get the idea.

What do I need?

There are two programs you can choose from: Tomb Ripper or TexMod. Below is a list of what you need for each program. There are also two tutorials for each program: one for the builders and one for the players.

Tomb Ripper

Tomb Ripper (v1.1b) by Racer_S (33Kb)

DDS Plug-In for Photoshop

Tomb Ripper is the program that extracts the DDS files (from Legend) and replaces them after editing. The Plug-In is essential for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro to recognize the DDS file.

Tutorial - Learn how to use the program with a tutorial. This section also includes the common problems that you may encounter (written by shimodax).

Outfit ID's - It is difficult to recognize the outfits from the numbers, so you need a list. Tansy and Topcat made them (thank you!). Tansy also includes the ID's for the previews. For the Gear and Weapon ID's click here (thanks to Jeffers).

Running the outfits (under construction) - If you want to use an outfit, check this guidance. You need Tomb Ripper, so download it from the link above. You do not need Photoshop or the DDS Plug-In, but there are a couple of times that are useful. You can read more details in the tutorial.

TexMod (Recommended)

TexMod by RS (590KB)

TexMod is the program that extracts the necessary files from the game (in TGA, BMP, JPG, PNG, DDS etc format) and uses them after editing. This program gives you the option to preview the textures in the game before extracting.

Tutorial - Learn how to use the program with a tutorial (written by Lee). French version also included.

Running the outfits - If you want to run an outfit, check this guidance. You need TexMod, so download it from the link above.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have the un-edited (original) .BIG files or the outfit will not show (whether you are a buider or just a player*). For example, if you have used Tomb Ripper and replaced the Black Dress, you need to restore the original .BIG file before using TexMod (if the outfit is based on the Black Dress).

* thanks to thompa89 and Yatu for the note.

Converting your DDS files to TPF - If you want to convert your DDS files to a single TPF, you can follow the instructions here (written by Akhenaton).

Which program should I use?

This is really up to you. Here are a few notes about both programs, which might help you.

Tomb Ripper was the first to be found. Racer_S gave us the opportunity to mod(ify) all available textures from Legend. This program "reads" the .BIG files (that can be found in the Legend folder) and extracts the textures in DDS format. If your paint program does not support this format, you must download the Plug-In. After editing the textures, you need to replace the DDS files. Then, Tomb Ripper replaces the .BIG files, so you can view the changes in the game. As a result, you need to create backups of the original DDS files, in case you want to return back to the original appearance of the textures. As you can probably understand, this procedure is quite troublesome.

TexMod was introduced later. We do not know if it was created before Tomb Ripper, but we learned about it later. RS made this program which again "reads" the .BIG files. In this case, when you extract the texture you can choose between various formats (TGA, BMP, JPG, PNG etc). Whichever paint program you have, it definitely supports one of them. Moreover, the textures are placed in a special folder and you do not need to replace anything, making the task easier to complete.


» Submit your outfit «

Is Bikini playable outside the Manor?
The answer could be No, since the guys at Crystal Dynamics do not offer the specific "outfit" in the list when you replay a level. However, Tomb Raider Legend Startup and Configuration Utility© was designed for this reason. ANoDE made this neat unofficial program which allows players to use Bikini outside the Manor. Click here to download it and follow the included instructions.

Download Section


Outfits for
Tomb Ripper & TexMod

» Dress outfits
Tomb Ripper: 76
TexMod: 162

» Shorts outfits
Tomb Ripper: 95
TexMod: 205

» Pants outfits
Tomb Ripper: 139
TexMod: 286

» Bikini
Tomb Ripper: 33
TexMod: 79

Dress outfits: Those that appear to be dress.

Shorts outfits: Those that appear to be shorts.

Pants Outfits: Those that appear to be pants.

Bikini: Those that appear to be bikini and, in general, everything that has to do with water.

Symbols explanation

The bikini outfit can be played outside the Mansion.


The outfit is for Next Generation graphics only, or the .zip contains files for both Current and Next Generation graphics.

Other downloads

This section includes downloads other than the outfits.

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