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Below are tips and tricks for the Time Trial of Croft Manor. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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Before you start the time trial, so that you don't lose precious time wandering around, you can refer to our walkthrough to see where to go.

There is a big shortcut that will allow you to finish the level immediately. Be sure to have the Pistols first, then go up to the music room. Turn to your left side to its door, draw the pistols and keep doing somersaults on the floor. Lara should eventually pass through the door and the level will end.

First of all, pull the box to the right side onto the pressure pad and climb onto the boxes to get the Sculpture Gear. Then drop down to the floor.

Now let's go to the study. Climb the stairs on the opposite side, go left and enter the first door you reach. The other one leads to Lara's bedroom, which you need not enter.

Ignore all the books in the house. Reading them will only make you lose time.

Having acquired the Pistols in the study, proceed to the next room through this hallway. Get the Empty Bucket. You don't have to shoot these boxes to pass to the other side. Just jump over them.

When you arrive in the second study, first go up the stairs to get the Sundial Gnomon, then push the button to get out.

It will be better if you jump over the banisters in the level to save some time.

Once you arrive back in the main room, jump down and head outside to open the gates leading to the maze.

Once in the maze, check this screenshot to see the shortest route to the centre area. When you get there, pick up the Grapple and use it to open the gates. Then return to the manor.

When you return, go to the left and enter the gym.

When you grab the horizontal pole, align the camera towards the second ledge on the wall and leap from the pole as soon as you get on it. Lara should jump to that second ledge immediately.

When you raise the vertical structures, go where the arrows on the screenshot to the left point, wall-run, and push the button in the alcove up to the right of Lara.

Once you pick up the Wrench, climb down by jumping in the alcove where you found the Small Medipack, and from there to the floor.

Exit the gym and head outside again. Use the Wrench to turn on the water pump, and then use the Empty Bucket on the nearby fountain to get Bucket of Water. Then go back inside.

Extinguish the fire to get the Decorative Arrow, and then go through the right door and into the pool room.

Once you arrive in the pool room your only mission is to shoot the pulleys that hold the three ropes hanging the statue. First, shoot the chain in front of you. Then, move the red skip to your left, in-between the two platforms above you. Climb onto the scaffolding to the right side of the room and jump to the handle on the pole of the Athena statue. That will allow you to get onto the nearby balcony, where you will shoot the first pulley. Use the vertical pole in the red skip you moved a minute ago to get onto the scaffolding on the other side, wall-run to the opposite balcony and shoot the second pulley there. Then push the box on the left scaffolding to the floor and use the platform to get back onto the right scaffolding. Traverse around it and jump to the small balcony to shoot the third pulley. Then jump into the pool, get the Decorative Bow, and return back to the main room.

When jumping on this platform, jump on its middle, so you don't fall down.

When you return back to the main room, go back outside, enter the maze, get the Music Box Cylinder and return back inside.

Once back inside, go up the stairs to the right side and enter the first door. Place the Music Box Cylinder in its receptacle and enter the music room to finish the level.

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