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Below are tips and tricks for the Time Trial of Level 3: The Lost Valley. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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When the level starts, jump off the platform to the ground. Ignore the wolves on the right, and quickly run forward to vault on the low ledge and pick up the first Cog. By the time you return, they will be gone.

Once on the grapple, do not release when you swing just once, or you will fall in the water below. Instead, give another swing and then leap on the ledge ahead.

When you pick up the second cog, don't waste your time on killing the bats. Instead, immediately leap off the ledge and fall into the water below, allowing the current to sweep Lara along.

Whilst the current is carrying you, press the Interact button to swim down the stream faster and allow Lara to be swept off the edge of the waterfall.

When you exit the water, you will see three wolves coming towards you. Ignore them and quickly dash to the left and climb the ladder.

To swing over the horizontal poles quickly, when you grab the first pole and start swinging towards the next one, wait for Lara to make just one swing around, and then quickly leap to grab the other one. From there immediately jump to grab the ladder without having to wait for the pole to make a full circle around the mechanism.

When you traverse right around the corner, move right just a little bit and then immediately jump up to grab the ledge above. You don't need to shimmy all the way to the right.

When you drop on the floor, jump or swan dive forward before the cut scene starts. That way you'll be facing the rock immediately when it finishes.

To crawl under the rock quickly, draw your Pistols, start running and press the crouch button. Lara will crawl under the rock and emerge on the other side in a twinkle of an eye.

In this area ignore the bear by simply climbing on the ledges on the left side as soon as you enter the room.

When you reach the wooden platform that collapses, swan dive over it. You will loose some health when you land on the slope below, but you will clear this area faster.

Once you emerge in the valley, either draw some powerful guns to take care of the raptors quickly, or climb on the rock just to the left of the entrance and kill them from safety.

Fighting the T-Rex click here and download the video. Very special thanks to Mona Sax for making it.

To enter the temple easily, climb the ruins just to the right of the dead T-Rex.

From the ledge you're coming from, immediately jump to grab the pole. Landing on its base and then grabbing it will take a little bit more time.

When you reach this wooden slope, don't slide down. Instead, jump or swan dive onto the ledge below, and from there climb up the pole.

Once you reach this point, don't take the first right. Instead, continue forward to the second right, slide down the slope there and jump to grab the ledge. From there, continue on by turning around and jumping to grab the ledge behind. From this ledge, drop down to grab another ledge. Traverse right around the corner, back to the familiar area.

To successfuly land on the slope ahead, don't press the Jump button too hard. Give it a small push, so Lara only hops, instead of the normal jump.

Once here, jump from the pole directly on the vertical structure. There is no need to jump on the slope on the left.

From here, roll on the right side, over the ledge, to jump directly right onto the ground, even if it means health loss. You should land on the slope, which will make your fall a bit easier.

When you emerge in the waterfall room again, turn a bit to the left and jump directly down into the water. Then exit and climb the ladder ahead, once more, to reach the mechanism. Be careful, as those pesky wolves will still be waiting for you.

Once you put the final Cog in its place, run back and jump directly into the water below. Surface and exit to the right to finish the level.

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