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Below are tips and tricks for the Time Trial of Level 9: Temple of Khamoon. Most of them were found by the members of Tomb Raider Forums. If you are the original founder and have not been mentioned, please let us know.

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Once you start the level, don't drop off the ledge into the pit. Instead, grapple the left pillar and pull it down onto the floor. Then you can jump to it directly from the position you are currently standing in.

When you climb up onto the ledge where the Small Medipack is, turn right and aim for the ledge in the corner. It is possible to reach, you just need to leap from the furthest point possible, without turning right in mid-air too much.

Before entering the room with the first panther, swan dive over the slope and then immediately head for the ledge in front of you. The panther will probably knock you down, so get up and quickly try to climb up again. Killing it will only waste time.

Once you jump onto the slope near the switch behind the sphinx, immediately jump off it so that you don't waste time sliding all the way down to the floor.

When you emerge in the room with six statues, climb onto the small block next to the first statue and shoot the panthers from there.

Once you pull the switch on the other side of the room and the statues move towards each other, quickly make your way across the room, vault onto the small block and climb onto the first statue. From there, jump onto the next statue diagonally to the left, and then forward from there onto the third statue.

When you reach the point when you have to move this box to reach the upper ledge, you don't have to push it all the way towards the wall. You can leave some space and still manage to grab the ledge once you climb on the box.

Once at this point, when you make your way to the second pole and leap to the scarab ledge, Lara will start to slip when she grabs it. Quickly press the Interact button to save her, followed by Jump. Alternatively, press the Interact button, wait for the ledge to go all the way down, let go, wait a few moments, then jump up to grab it. From there, quickly jump again to grab the ledge above.

Once above this room, swan dive over the ledge, continue running forward and then jump into the pool. You don't have to kill the crocodiles.

When you pull the underwater lever and pass through the gate that opens for a few seconds, surface going slightly to the right. That way you will immediately be able to climb up onto the ledge and continue on with the climbing from there.

Once you reach the solid ledge after the first scarab ledge in this room, it is possible to jump to the other scarab ledge located far right, without having to cross the ledge that slides into the wall. When you leap from this ledge, climb up immediately, swan dive forward to clear the path quickly and jump to grab the scarab ledge in the last moment. From there, jump up immediately, so you don't sink all the way down.

On your way to throw the switch that will give you access to the movable block, ignore the vertical pole to the right and jump directly to the ledge with the switch.

Once you pull that switch, roll over the ledge and, with a little health loss, allow Lara to fall down to the ground below.

Once back in the area with two crocodiles, ignore them and quickly make your way to the right.

When you reach the room with panthers, kill the first one from this ledge. That will make your job at least a little easier.

When you pull the switch that moves the six statues, make your way as shown in the screenshots. Jump onto the statue to the left, then jump forward to the left centre statue. From there jump to the right centre statue, and then turn left to make your way to the ledge, traversing over one more statue in the process (first screenshot to the left). On your way back, the process is identical (second screenshot to the left).

When you reach the final room, pull out only those blocks necessary for the obelisks to rise up. Those are:

» the leftmost block in the left wall
» one block each, either side of the exit door ahead
» the rightmost block in the right wall

There are a couple of panthers behind some of these blocks, so when you hear the music, quickly let go of the block and climb onto it, killing the animal(s) from there.

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