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Basic Moves




Move forwards

Up arrow

Lara is moving forwards at a running pace.

Hop backwards

Down arrow

Lara hop backwards (short distance).

Turn right

Right arrow

Lara turns right.

Turn left

Left arrow

Lara turns left..


PC: End
MAC: Backslash (\)
PS: Circle

Lara makes a forward dive and finishes up facing the opposite direction. This also works when Lara is underwater. Alternatively, you can press the Up and Down Cursor Keys simultaneously.

Draw\ Holster weapon

PC & MAC: Space Bar
PS: Triangle

Lara draws the latest weapon she used. Press again to holster.

Jump\ Swim

PC: Alt
MAC: Command or Apple
PS: Square

Pressing the Jump button, Lara jumps straight up. Pressing a direction key immediately after pressing Jump, Lara will jump in that direction. Whilst surfacing, press Jump and Lara will dive. Keep pressing the Jump button and she will swim. Press the direction keys to steer.


PC & MAC: Ctrl

Lara picks up an object, grabs a ledge, climbs up a block or a ledge, climbs out of the water, uses switches and levers, places puzzle items to their receptacles, pushes\ pulls movable objects, fires whilst holding the gun.


PC & MAC: Shift
PS: R1

Whilst holding down Walk, press Up or Down to walk forwards or backwards. By using this move, you avoid falling off any edge. If you walk up to an edge, Lara will stop.

Side-step right

PC & MAC: PageDown
PS: R2

Lara side-steps right. She also swims sideways whilst surfacing.

Side-step left

PC & MAC: Delete
PS: L2

Lara side-steps left. She also swims sideways whilst surfacing.


PC & MAC: Keypad 0
PS: L1

Whilst pressing Look, press the direction keys to look around. You can also use the Look button in order to bring the camera back to Lara, if the camera shows something else.

Combined Moves




Swan dive

Walk + Jump + Up

Walk up to an edge and hold down Walk. Then press Jump and Up together. Lara can also perform the swan dive whilst running. To do that, whilst running press Jump and Walk.

Swan dive with somersault

Walk + Jump + Up + Roll

Whilst holding down Walk, press Jump and Up together to perform the swan dive. As Lara falls down, press the Roll button. This requires to have enough room below.


Action + Walk + Up

Whilst hanging from a ledge, press Walk and Up together.


When you load the game, the Ring displays the Passport, Lara's Home, Detail Levels, Sound and Controls.

Lara's Home is the training level. Press Action to enter it. Lara guides you through the basic moves. To quit the training, enter the Menu, select the Passport and press Right to turn the pages until you find the Exit to Title option.

For the other three categories, see below (Option Ring Menu).


To enter the menu whilst playing the game, press Esc (or Start for the PS version). The Menu is divided into three Ring Menus: one above the other.

When you enter the Menu whilst playing the game, you see the Inventory Ring Menu, which contains the items you carry (weapons, Medi Packs, Flares etc.) and the Stopwatch, which displays the time you have spent playing the current level plus other statistics.

Press Up to bring up the Items Ring Menu. Here you can find the artifacts, keys and in general the puzzle items.

From the Inventory Ring Menu, press Down to bring up the Option Ring Menu.

To rotate each Ring Menu, press Left and Right.


Options Ring Menu


Press Action to open it. Use the arrow keys to turn the pages. The available options are: Load Game, Save Game, Exit to Title.

Sound (Personal Stereo)

Here you can set up the sound effects and music. Press Up and Down to toggle between sound and music. Press left and right to adjust.

Controls (Arrow buttons)

Here you can change the controls. The first table contains the default by the game that you cannot change. Press Right to bring up the User Controls. Here you can change the buttons.


Detail Levels (Sunglasses)

Here you can change various detail level options.

Shortcut Keys (PC version)


Toggles between high & low resolution


Reduces game screen window


Increases game screen window


Toggle between detail windows


Save game (Passport page)


Load game (Passport page)

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