» Tomb Raider 1 Gold: Unfinished Business  

Tomb Raider has been re-released as Tomb Raider Gold. This includes the original Tomb Raider game, plus four levels on a second CD. If you have the original game, you can download the extra four levels from here. (Note: If you have GLIDOS or dgVoodoo installed for the original Tomb Raider game, download the 3D/FX PC version. Otherwise, you will need the simple version which is first in the list.)

The Gold edition includes two adventures in Egypt and Atlantis. The first part (Shadow of the Cat) takes Lara back to the City of Khamoon to search a tomb, which is dedicated to the cat goddess, in order to discover the secret of the cat statue. In the second part (Unfinished Business) Lara returns to Atlantis in order to find and destroy the aliens before they invade again.

Available for platforms: PC - MAC

[ Developer: CORE DESIGN ] [ Publisher: EIDOS Interactive ]

Secrets: There are 10 Secrets in the Gold version. The number of Secrets in each level varries from 1 to 4 and they consist of normal pick-ups (ammo, Medi Packs etc). There is no reward for finding each level's or all game's Secrets.


Shadow of the Cat
» Level 1: Return to Egypt
» Level 2: Temple of the Cat

Unfinished Business
» Level 3: Atlantean Stronghold
» Level 4: The Hive

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